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Get To Know Us

Our team promotes faculty development and instructional excellence at Purdue. We use proven research to enhance teaching methods, provide opportunities to help instructors continuously improve and support service-learning. We partner with faculty, staff and campus organizations to build a community of practice around teaching, learning and assessment — one that anticipates changing needs and encourages growth.

Our Mission

The Center for Instructional Excellence promotes and advances innovative pedagogies and curricular synergies at Purdue University by serving as a support structure and advocate for continuous improvement in teaching, learning and service — in combination with Instructional Data Processing assessments and evaluations — and by providing general service for facilitating campus enhancement and development.

Our Team

CIE Staff, Affiliated/Adjunct Faculty and Consultants

CIE Staff, TAs, Work-Study & affiliated faculty in other departments DLR  341 — CIE main office
Last NameFirstEmailCIE phone
Levesque-Bristol Chantal clevesqu@purdue.edu 66424
Calahan Charles A. calahanc@purdue.edu 66503
Felix Deb felixd@purdue.edu 66422
Nelson David davenelson@purdue.edu 42763
Neubauer Karen neubauer@purdue.edu 45110
Bonem Emily ebonem@purdue.edu 66422
Parker H. hp@purdue.edu 66422
Ware Jason A. jaware@purdue.edu  66423
Zissimopoulos Kiki kiki@purdue.edu 66423
Wang Cong (Vivi) wang2347@purdue.edu 66422
Barbosa Mara mbarbosa@purdue.edu 66422
Carrillo-Muñoz Alejandra carrila@purdue.edu 66422
Hsu Hui-Ching (Kayla) hsu80@purdue.edu 66422
Kang Eunjoo kang126@purdue.edu 66422
Holgate Horane hholgate@purdue.edu 66422
Moss Jennifer moss16@purdue.edu 66422
Yu Shi yu456@purdue.edu 66422
Boyd Josh boyd@purdue.edu 43333 (BRNG)
Diefes-Dux Heidi hdiefes@purdue.edu 43887 (ARMS)
FAX: 61749
IDPlogo Instructional Data Processing
 (test scoring & analysis)
Miller Laura lemiller@purdue.edu 45108
Brown Robin brown515@purdue.edu 45109
Holmes Anna holmes37@purdue.edu 45109
Sullivan Pam sulliv92@purdue.edu 45112
Thompson Geraldine gethompson@purdue.edu 45109