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Support Academic Integrity

Proctoring supports and enhances academic integrity and is a resource for faculty, staff and graduate instructors who need help supervising exams. 

What do proctors do?

A proctor's main responsibility is to walk around the exam room, be alert and observant, and look for any signs of cheating. All proctors receive a training packet that describes common ways students cheat. If they observe any cheating, proctors will inform the instructor — they won't handle the situation on their own. Also, proctors won't answer questions about the exam, but will refer questions to the instructor. Proctoring's goal is to help instructors, not serve as a substitute.

Proctors arrive fifteen minutes before the exam and wait for specific directions. Proctors may stay fifteen minutes after the exam ends to assist the instructor if needed.

Proctor Guidelines

Only undergraduate courses with more than 70 students are eligible for proctors.  Graduate courses are not eligible. Instructors are allowed one proctor for every seventy students, however, TA's should be utilized first.  Proctors are available to assist, but not replace instructors.

How do I schedule a proctor?

Complete a Proctor Request form to request a proctor. Please submit request form at least ten  business days before your exam date. Requests not using the Proctor Request form cannot be processed.  

Instructors will receive a list of assigned proctors via an email confirmation after they have been assigned. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but sometimes the volume of requests exceeds the number of proctors available. Instructors will be notified if a proctor is not assigned.

Are there any restrictions on the number of hours proctors can work?

  • Graduate students who hold half-time assistantships can work an additional 20 hours a week.
  • Graduate students with three-quarter time assistantships can work an additional 10 hours a week.
  • International graduate students holding quarter-time assistantships can work an additional 10 hours a week.

How do I sign up to be a proctor?

Complete a Proctor Application and email it to proctorpool@purdue.edu to become a proctor.  Once we receive and review your application, you will be sent a training packet with additional instructions.  There may also be additional paperwork required to establish you on our payroll. 

Questions about your proctor pay?

Questions about your proctor pay should be addressed to the Business Office via email at payeo@purdue.edu.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact IDP at: