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Score & store test results with ease

Test Scoring and Analysis

IDP offers a free test scoring and analysis service for objective, multiple-choice examinations on the West Lafayette campus. The service provides high levels of reliability, accuracy, and security with a 24-hour turnaround time.

All information and materials needed for the service, including the free machine-readable student response forms, can be obtained from IDP in Room G-39, Stewart Center. Response forms should also be returned to G-39 for scoring and analysis.

Available machine-readable answer sheets

IDP-1 has one hundred fifty items with five responses each (available in four colors).

IDP-11 has thirty items with five responses each (available in two colors).

IDP-2 has one hundred items with ten responses each (available in brown).

IDP-3 has fifty items with five responses each (available in orange). These sheets also have space for up to fifteen hand-graded items to be included in the scoring. The points assigned for the hand-graded items must be written in and gridded in as three-digit whole numbers.

IDP-15 has six items with five responses each (available in two colors).

The test scoring package offers many scoring and reporting options that make it possible to grade everything from an attendance or short quiz to a lengthy final exam. Scoring procedures can include item weights, either-or scoring, converting raw scores to percentages, etc. You may even have your students' scores sent directly to Blackboard.

Reports are delivered electronically, in easy to use formats, and are easily accessed using FileLocker.   Student score reports and statistical summaries provide information about student performance. These reports may be used in a variety of ways. For example, instructors can use data in the Score Distribution report to establish grade cutoffs, while the Key Analysis report helps instructors assess the level of test item reliability. 

Instructors must complete a "Request for Test Scoring Analysis" worksheet each time they need to have a test scored. This worksheet outlines the scoring options available and allows instructors to tailor the service to their individual needs. 

Using Blackboard Learn

IDP can send scores directly to Blackboard.    Let us know on your "Request for Test Scoring Analysis" form that you would like your students' scores sent directly to Blackboard and the scores will appear as soon as the test is processed.   The scores are not visible to students at this point.  You choose when your students will see their scores.   A score will not go to Blackboard if a student does not use their correct PUID.  We provide a variety of reports, however, that will contain all scores and will be shared on FileLocker. 

Not using Blackboard?  IDP  sends all reports to you electronically via Filelocker in formats that are easy to use.  Easy to read instructions may be found on the Filelocker website.   It is IDP policy and against FERPA regulations to e-mail score files to you.

Scanning Services

Instructional Data Processing (IDP) utilizes a high-speed optical page scanner that collects data from machine-readable student answer sheets.   IDP manipulates the electronic response file to provide customers with a wide range of data analysis reports. 

IDP has several types and sizes of answer sheets available, which can be adapted to a variety of data collection tasks. For users with more unique requirements, Scantron Corporation can assist in the design and development of custom answer sheets.

Surveys may also be conducted using these same answer sheets.  Students must bubble in either a name or PUID but it may be fictitious to preserve anonymity.   A raw data file and Exam Analysis report makes data interpretation very easy.