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What is the cost for processing a multiple choice test?

There is no cost to giving a multiple choice test using scantrons. The scantrons and processing are free.

What type of statistics can I receive for an exam?

You will receive a variety of reports that will provide individual and combined student performance data.  The Exam Analysis report will provide the mean, standard deviation, as well as how students responded to each alternative.  The Score Distribution Graph will show the frequency in percents. A Combined Score Distribution report is available upon request for those instructors with multiple sections.

How will I receive my scores?

IDP will place all test scoring reports on FileLocker and share them with the person listed on the request form.  IDP no longer provides paper copies.

Can a question have more than one correct answer?

Yes, but students can only bubble in one answer. All correct answers should be bubbled in on the key.

Can I have partial credit or a second best answer?

Yes. Partial credit answers should be detailed with their weights on the request form or an attached document.

Can I make corrections to students’ scores?

Yes, we can rerun an exam if you have a change that affects the entire class. We can also add additional student sheets to previous exams if needed.

Can my scores be sent directly to Blackboard?

Yes, IDP will send scores directly to Blackboard if it is marked on the request form.  Scores are hidden until released by the instructor.

Can IDP e-mail the results of an exam?

No. It is against IDP policy and FERPA regulations to e-mail results.

How can I use the reports to provide feedback to my students?

A file called "Score Reports" provides a performance sheet for each student. It contains exam information, a score breakdown, and a list of missed questions with both the student's answer and the correct answer.

Additional Test Scoring and Analysis FAQ

Do my students' sheets have to be sorted to match the answer key? Not necessarily.  You do not have to sort the student sheets if your students bubble in the "Test Form" identifier.  We will match their sheets "Test Form" identifier against the answer keys provided for scoring.  The "Test Form" identifier is located in the bottom right corner on our large, one hundred and fifty question scantron. Contact IDP for the location of the identifier on other forms.

Will you notify me when my test is scored? You will receive an email when the reports have been shared on FileLocker.  Your scantrons may be picked up any time after that during normal business hours.

What information do you need to score a test? A green “Request for Data Processing Services” form must be filled out when you drop off your exam. This form details how you want your exam scored. Remember to include a key and have your student’s scantrons facing the same direction.

Why do I need to provide a section number? Our test scoring software uses the course and section numbers provided to match your students against your Blackboard gradebook.  Please note on your request form if you have more than one section and if the sections are cross listed in Blackboard.

Can I include hand graded questions on a scantron? Yes. IDP has a form made specifically for that purpose. Our IDP 3 form includes space for fifty multiple choice questions and fifteen hand-graded items.

Do all questions have to carry the same weight? No. You tell us how much questions are worth on the Request for Data Processing Services form.

Can I include survey questions with a test? Yes. Let us know when you drop off the exam. Survey questions are weighted to zero so they don’t affect student scores and are still included on your Item Analysis.

Can I see my student’s responses? Yes. One of the files created is a raw data file.  It is a .csv file that is easily opened in Excel and contains their responses.

Do students really need to use #2 pencils? Yes. Our test scoring scanner will not read ink. Scoring keys must also be in #2 pencils. Scantrons completed in ink will not be scored.

Do students need to use first and last names? Yes, our test scoring software requires it. Scantrons without first and last name filled in are still processed but slow the process down. Additionally, students often make mistakes on their PUIDs. If you have several incorrect PUIDs and there are no names on the scantron, then it will be very difficult to record the scores accurately.

Do students need to use PUIDs? Yes, PUIDs are required.