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What is the cost for processing a multiple choice test?

There is no cost in giving a multiple choice test using scantrons. The scantrons and processing are free.

What type of statistics can I receive for an exam?

We have a Score Distribution report that will provide a frequency and the mean. You can also receive an item analysis which shows how many students chose which answers.

Can I receive my statistics electronically instead of on paper?

Yes. IDP will automatically email you the item analysis. After viewing you decide to contact IDP with changes for a rerun.

Can a question have more than one correct answer?

Yes, but students can only bubble in one answer. You may give full or partial credit to two or more answers by including an either/or on your request form.

Can I make corrections to students’ scores?

Yes. If you need a change that affects the entire class then we can rerun the test. If you only want to change one score, then it depends on whether you use our Course Records Management System. You may change the score on Blackboard yourself if you use single score uploads. A change sheet must be filled out and IDP must change the score if you use CRMS.

How do I get my scores on Blackboard?

IDP can send your scores up directly when you supply an IDP upload number. Or, we can also send your scores to you via FileLocker and you can send the scores to BlackBoard.

Can IDP e-mail the results of an exam?

No. It is IDP policy and against FERPA regulations to e-mail results.

Can I have my scores sent to me on FileLocker and sent to Blackboard?

No. We will send student scores to one or the other but not both. Blackboard will allow you to download data and from the file sent to FileLocker you may upload the scores to BlackBoard.

Additional Test Scoring and Analysis FAQ

Can you put scores other than from multiple choice exams in my grade book? Yes. We can take scores submitted via filelocker in Excel file format and add them to your grade book. The data must be arranged in a certain order which is described on the “Request for Excel File Processing” form. This form must be filled out prior to the data being sent.

Will you notify me when my test is scored? No news is good news. IDP will only contact you should there be a problem with your exam. We offer a very reliable 24 hour turnaround time on our service.

What information do you need to score a test? A green “Request for Data Processing Services” must be filled in when you drop off you exam. This form tells us all the details on how you want your exam scored. Remember to include a key and have your student’s scantrons facing the same direction.

What is CRMS? Course Records Management System is our system for keeping your grade book. We can store all your scores, do any changes necessary, and give totals and summaries at various points during the semester and even assign grades.

Can I adjust a student’s score myself if I am a CRMS customer? No. We upload the entire grade book every time a new entry is made to it. Any entry that you make will be overwritten. A score can be changed by filling out a change sheet and we’ll make the change for you.

I use CRMS and want to change a score for the entire class. Do I need to use a change sheet? No. Changes that involve an entire class will be considered a rerun and will not require a change sheet.

Can I include hand graded questions on a scantron? Yes. IDP has a form made specifically for that purpose. Ask for an IDP 3 when you pick up forms.

Do all questions have to carry the same weight? No. You tell us how much questions are worth on the Request for Data Processing Services form.

Can I include survey questions with a test? Yes. Let us know when you drop off the exam. Survey questions are weighted to zero so they don’t affect student scores and are still included on your Item Analysis.

Can I receive a right/wrong report for my test? No. IDP does not have this capability at present.

Can I see my student’s responses? Yes. A file is created when students’ scantrons are scanned. IDP can put that file on FileLocker at your request.

Do students really need to use #2 pencils? Yes. Our test scoring scanner will not read ink. Scoring keys must also be in #2 pencils. Scantrons completed in ink will not be scored.

Do students need to use first and last names? Yes, our test scoring software requires it. Scantrons without first and last name filled in are still processed but slow the process down. Additionally, students often make mistakes on their PUIDs. If you have several incorrect PUIDs and there are no names on the scantron, then it will be very difficult to record the scores accurately.

Do students need to use PUIDs? Depends. PUIDS are required for all scores being uploaded to Blackboard. For tests not being uploaded, they are not required but strongly recommended. A large class may have two students with the exact same name. PUIDs will allow the instructor to definitively match the student to the test scoring sheet.