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Center for Global Urban Sustainability

Center for Global Urban Sustanaility

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Established in April 2010, Purdue University's Center for Global Urban Sustainability: Ensuring Sustainable Health among Underserved (CGUS) aims to develop working models for sustaining the health and wellbeing of underserved populations through community-based studies. Ultimately, the recommendations from the studies being conducted by CGUS will significantly contribute to increased job opportunities, enhanced workforce competencies and improved financial empowerment of the underserved, development of sustainable healthy environments, policy implications for providing quality public health services and programs. CGUS will bring together the interdisciplinary expertise needed to address the challenges of sustaining social determinants of health. These challenges call for complex solutions that take into account the interdependencies created in complex social and economic systems which require an entity such as CGUS to facilitate the convergence of knowledge from disparate disciplines such as food and nutrition, finance and economics, human development and family studies, nursing, psychology, sociology, public health, public policy, science, engineering and technology advancement. For each challenge addressed by CGUS researchers, their activities will involve a cycle of discovery, model development informed by evidence-based practice, intervention, assessment and dissemination.