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College of Veterinary Medicine

Admission to the Professional College

Action of the Board of Trustees places enrollment limits for each entering class in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Class size is limited to 84 students.

All prerequisite courses required by the faculty, including those in progress at the time of application, must be completed satisfactorily by the end of the spring semester before matriculation in the fall.

Students who have completed the preprofessional curriculum at Purdue or elsewhere cannot be assured of admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Since enrollment is limited, first preference will be given to Indiana residents. There is a generous, but limited, admission of nonresident students.

Selection of students, made by a 14-member admissions committee, is based on demonstrated academic performance, aptitude, maturity and motivation. A personal interview is required for all applicants who are in the final pool from which the class will be selected. Animal, research and veterinary experience are all considered. Using the evaluative criteria cited, the admissions committee selects those individuals judged to possess the best overall qualifications and who give evidence of potential for continued productivity and growth.

Beginning students applying for admission to the next fall semester must file applications on or before the deadline date specified in the application materials.

The general policy of the University regarding residency requirements for the baccalaureate degree applies to those students enrolled in the veterinary medical curriculum.

For additional information about admissions applications and procedures, please visit the Veterinary Medicine website.