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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Technology Program

Veterinary Technology Curricula

This unique program uses one four-year curriculum with Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science options. Students wanting only the associate's degree, or who have previously completed the general education college courses found in Year 2 of the bachelor's degree, begin the clinical portion of the curriculum.

Although any student can compete for a start in theYear 2 associate's degree program, high school students or those without any college experience are strongly advised to apply for the first year of the B.S. degree program so they can obtain the general education credits and develop college-level study skills prior to entering the intensive clinical portion of the curriculum. The student who completes the first year of the B.S. degree program but wishes to stop after completing the associate's degree would complete the curriculum in 3 years (1-year B.S. general education and 2-year associate's degree curriculum).

For significant details, see the veterinary technology website.