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College of Science

Student Services

Accelerated Programs

The departments of the College of Science give a variety of honors and offer advanced placement. Through the awarding of additional credit hours, you are permitted to complete your programs at an accelerated rate as well as enroll in scientific courses of greater depth.

You can also establish credit by examination on specific Purdue courses. Eligibility is based on advanced work done in high school or on independent study.

For specific information, contact the Academic Advising Office of the College of Science.

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Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office of the College of Science will be a valuable resource for you as an undergraduate. Generally, you will work with the same advisor throughout your freshman and sophomore years. During your junior and senior years, you may be assigned a faculty advisor in addition to a professional advisor. Your academic advisor will aid you in developing your total educational plan. In addition to coursework, your education may include the pursuit of experiences such as internships, research opportunities, volunteer work or study abroad. You will meet with your advisor for curriculum planning assistance each semester. During advising appointments, you will discuss course requirements for your major, placement criteria for courses, elective choices, concentrations and minors of interest, research opportunities, co-curricular opportunities and your academic progress. Your advisor also will be available to discuss your career goals, refer you to appropriate resources and address other issues of concern to you.

In the course of your studies, you will encounter situations governed by state laws and University regulations. Although you will be responsible for the fulfillment of degree requirements, your advisor will help keep you informed about such requirements and advise you concerning ways to satisfy various regulations. A thorough study of this College of Science catalog as well as other official University publications is recommended, although they do not include all of the University rules and regulations. From time to time, you will be given notice of required actions by email, at your campus address or through campus media.

Whether you are a prospective student or are already enrolled at the University, you are welcome to contact the Office of Undergraduate Education in Room 231, Mathematical Sciences Building. The office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For additional information, contact 765-494-1771 orwww.science.purdue.edu.

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Career Counseling

A College of Science career counselor can help guide you to a particular career path, make sure you are in the right major to suit your interests, offer assistance technically to improve your resume and help guide your job search or other post-graduate plans.

You may make an appointment with a career counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Education, Room 231, Mathematical Sciences Building, or phone 765-494-1771 to make an appointment.

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Science Diversity Office

The Science Diversity Office is an umbrella organization that encompasses both the Multicultural Science Programs and the Women in Science Programs. The College of Science believes that all students have a better educational experience within a diverse environment. Therefore, programming is available to increase the recruitment and retention of students who are underrepresented in the College of Science. All programs are open to all students regardless of race or gender.

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Multicultural Science Programs

The College of Science offers programming to increase the number of underrepresented groups graduating in the sciences. Programs include precollege activities for middle and senior high school students, summer transitional programs for matriculating first-year students, classes to cultivate leadership and academic success, mathematics enrichment instruction and personal counseling.

The Association of Multicultural Science Students, founded in 1972, offers opportunities for multicultural students to grow academically and professionally by featuring workshops, incentive programs, community outreach programs and coalition building.

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Women in Science Programs

The College of Science is committed to making careers in all areas of science accessible to female students. The goals of the Women in Science Programs are to provide personal support, enhance self-esteem and share effective strategies to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Components of the Women in Science Programs include a residential program for first-year students, tutoring, an undergraduate mentoring program and a graduate mentoring program.

The residential program puts a group of first-year students together on several floors of a residence hall. Tutoring and other special programs, including the undergraduate mentoring program, are available directly in the residence hall. In the undergraduate mentoring program, each first-year student in the residence is matched with a more advanced student in the same major to provide a unique mentoring relationship.

Both the undergraduate and graduate mentoring programs provide monthly dinner programs. Students have opportunities to network with each other and listen to speakers with the goal of increasing the number of females in the College of Science through providing role models and strategies for success.

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Directors and Special Program Coordinators

Lynne Horngren
Director of Undergraduate Education and Academic Advising

John Fisher
Director of Recruiting

Laura Starr
Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Student Success

Barbara S. Clark
Director of Science Diversity Office

Zenephia E. Evans
Director of Multicultural Science Programs

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