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Mathematics Minor

The mathematics minor provides a strong background in mathematics for students majoring in some other discipline. To qualify for the minor, the following classes must be completed with an average grade index of at least 2.0, with no grade lower than "C-”.

Mathematics Minor Course Requirements 12-13 credits
One of the following: MA 35100 (Elementary Linear Algebra) (3 cr.); MA 51100 (Linear Algebra with Applications) (3 cr.); or MA 26500* (Linear Algebra) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
One of the following: MA 45300 (Elements of Algebra) (3 cr.); MA 45000 (Algebra Honors) (3 cr.); MA 34100 (Foundations of Analysis) (3 cr.); or MA 44000 (Real Analysis Honors) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
Two additional courses selected from the following: MA 30100 (An Introduction to Proof Through Real Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 34100 (Foundations of Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 36200 (Topics in Vector Calculus) (3 cr.) or MA 51000 (Vector Calculus) (3 cr.); MA 42500 (Elements of Complex Analysis) (3 cr.) or MA 52500 (Introduction to Complex Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 44000 (Real Analysis Honors) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 37500 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics) (3 cr.); MA 38500 (Introduction to Logic) (3 cr.); MA 45300 (Elements of Algebra) (3 cr.) or MA 45000 (Algebra Honors) (3 cr.); MA 45400 (Galois Theory) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 35300 (Linear Algebra II with Applications) 3 cr.
MA 36600* (Differential Equations) (4 cr.) or MA 30300 (Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences) (3 cr.) or MA 30400 (Differential Equations and Analysis of Nonlinear Systems for Engineering and the Sciences) (3 cr.); MA 42800 (Fourier Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 52000 (Boundary Value Problems of Differential Equations) (3 cr.); MA 52300 (Introduction to PDEs); or (3 cr. MA 42800 (Fourier Analysis). 3-4 cr.
MA/STAT 41600 (Probability) (3 cr.) 3 cr.

* MA 26600 with at least a "B-" can be used in place of MA 36600. MA 26200 will not be acceptable for the minor. Only one of MA 36600, 26600, 30300 or 30400 may be used in the minor.

† For many students, MA 26500 may not be adequate preparation for upper-division mathematics classes. Students planning to minor in mathematics should consider taking MA 35100 instead. Only students with a very firm grasp of the MA 26500 material should contemplate taking MA 35300 without MA 35100.