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Honors Program

The Department of Mathematics offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for superior students. Honors courses are available from the freshman level to the senior level. Qualified undergraduates may also substitute graduate-level classes for undergraduate classes.

Most honors classes are taught in small sections — usually fewer than 20 students. This provides a unique opportunity for students to experience a small-college atmosphere in the midst of a large university. Honors work also gives the student the opportunity to obtain a richer and deeper knowledge of mathematics. This is particularly important for individuals contemplating graduate work, either in mathematics or some mathematics-related discipline.

There is also an official “honors option.” Students who successfully complete the requirements for this program are certified at the time of graduation as having graduated “with honors in mathematics.” Students may enter the program any time after completing MA 35100. Entering the honors program indicates an intention to meet the more rigorous requirements of graduation “with honors” as outlined in the following text. There is no penalty if a student later changes plans.

In the honors program, students must satisfy the general degree requirements via one of the options listed and include MA 44000 (Real Analysis Honors), 44200 (Multivariate Analysis I Honors) and 45000 (Algebra Honors) in all options except Education, which requires only MA 44000 and 45000. In either case, a gradepoint average of at least 3.5 is required in these courses.