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College of Science

Computer Science

Computer Science Major - Computer Science Tracks

18-22 credits

Once a computer science student completes required core courses and mathematics courses, he or she selects a track in which to complete 6-7 advanced courses. Each track has 2-4 required courses and a list of potential electives for the remaining track requirements. Students do not need to select a track until their junior year, and they can change their track or complete more than one track, if desired. Most tracks have an experiential course as a requirement or an available elective, such as a CS 49000 (Independent Study), CS 49700 (Honors Research), or participation in Engineering Projects in Community Services (EPICS) for at least three credits. Projects must be approved by the program track faculty. Available tracks as of the timeframe this information was gathered for this website are listed below. For the most recent list of available program tracks and their requirements, please seewww.cs.purdue.edu.  

Note: Course numbers CS 39000/49000 with a title other than "Independent Study" are temporary numbers; these courses will be assigned permanent numbers at a later date.