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Computer Science

Computer Science Major — Computer Science Tracks

Foundations of Computer Science

This track gives students a broad education on foundational concepts, tools and techniques underlying existing and future areas of computer science.

Course Requirements

18 credits

Required Courses:
CS 35200 (Compilers: Principles and Practice) (3 cr.); 
CS 38100 (Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms) (3 cr.)


Four additional courses from the following list:
CS 31400 (Numerical Methods) (3 cr.); 
CS 33400 (Fundamentals of Computer Graphics) (3 cr.); 
CS 35500 (Introduction to Cryptography) (3 cr.);
CS 44800 (Introduction to Relational Database Systems) (3 cr.); 
CS 45600 (Programming Languages) (3 cr.); 
CS 47100 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) (3 cr.); 
CS 48300 (Introduction to the Theory of Computation) (3 cr.); 
Any CS course at the 30000, 400000 or 50000 level, including CS 49000 (Independent Study) (3 cr.) or CS 49700 (Honors Research Project) (3 cr.)