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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

This degree program is designed primarily for students planning professional careers as chemists in industry, universities or research institutes. This degree program fulfills the recommendations of the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society (ACS); graduates who follow this program will be certified by the American Chemical Society as having fulfilled its recommended requirements.

By concentrating advanced elective credit hours in biochemistry and by taking biology courses for the laboratory science requirement, this degree provides an excellent preparation for medical, dental or veterinary schools. This program would particularly benefit those planning careers in medical research.

B.S. in Chemistry (ACS) Additional Requirements 16 credits
The following courses are required for this option in addition to those listed
under General Degree Requirements:
CHM 34201 (Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory) (1 cr.); CHM 42400 (Analytical Chemistry II) (4 cr.); CHM 51300 (Chemical Literature) (1 cr.); Advanced chemistry elective (3 cr.); and CHM 53300 (Introductory Biochemistry) (3 cr.) 12 cr.
MA 26200 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) (4 cr.) 4 cr.

ACS-Accredited Degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry

Biochemists study the chemical basis of life. Some of the major problems include the transfer of genetic information to biological structures, the conversion of nutrients into cell constituents and their utilization as sources of energy, the storage of memory and the chemical nature of neural processes. Furthermore, biochemists are interested in the chemical details of important processes such as photosynthesis, blood clotting, fertilization and other functions that may be unique to certain organisms.

A major in biochemistry also is available through the Department of Biochemistry in the College of Agriculture, and students majoring in the Department of Biological Sciences can elect a biochemistry concentration.

ACS-Accredited Degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry Additional Requirements 22 credits
The following courses are required for this option in addition to those listed
under “General Degree Requirements”:
BIOL 23100 (Biology III: Cell Structure and Function) and BIOL 23200 (Laboratory in Biology III: Cell Structure and Function) (5 cr.); BIOL 24100 (Biology IV: Genetics and Molecular Biology) and BIOL 24200 (Laboratory in Biology IV: Genetics and Molecular Biology) (5 cr.) 10 cr.
CHM 53300 (Introductory Biochemistry) (3 cr.) and CHM 53800 (Molecular Biotechnology) (3 cr.); or BCHM 56100 (General Biochemistry I) (3 cr.) and BCHM 56200 (General Biochemistry II) (3 cr.) 6 cr.
CHM 49900 (Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry) 6 cr.