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College of Science

Organization and Purpose

Science — the effort to observe, understand and utilize the laws of nature — is an ancient discipline. Today, science is more exciting than ever because of the speed with which new insights are obtained and often applied to vital human problems, such as population growth, disease, pollution, energy shortages and food production.

The College of Science at Purdue University offers many undergraduate and graduate programs that will prepare you for a variety of careers. Scientists are encouraged by society to pursue new avenues of research, either as individuals or as part of great research teams employing many scientists. They are needed to design computers and computer programs, locate and analyze natural resources, help find ways to protect our environment, and apply research findings to industrial and human problems. Scientists are needed as teachers at all levels of education. They are sought as administrators for governmental organizations using other scientists or engineers, and as salespeople and managers by companies with science-based products.

Undergraduate education in the sciences is considered excellent background for graduate study in medicine (including veterinary medicine), dentistry, business administration, law and areas of the social sciences where quantitative methods are important. The College of Science is very interested in helping students whose goal is not a career in science but a general education with emphasis on the scientific aspects of our society.

The College of Science at Purdue is an excellent place to acquire an education in science. Its seven instructional departments provide opportunities to increase your knowledge of science by interacting with first-rate scientists who also are gifted teachers and by working with modern equipment in well-designed laboratory experiments. The departments also have honors programs and libraries that allow you to pursue, in depth, subjects in which you have an interest. You also may choose to pursue a minor in an area of the College of Science or in other areas of the University.