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College of Science

Computer Science

Computer Science Major — Computer Science Tracks

Database and Information Systems

Course Requirements

21 credits

Required Courses:
CS 34800 (Information Systems) (3 cr.);
CS 38100 (Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms) (3 cr.);
CS 44800 (Introduction to Relational Database Systems) (3 cr.);
CS 47300 (Web Information Search and Management) (3 cr.)


Three additional courses, at least one from each category:
Category I Computing Systems: CS 35200 (Compilers: Principles and Practice) (3 cr.) or CS 35400 (Operating Systems) (3 cr.)
Category II Information Assurance: CS 35500 (Introduction to Cryptography) (3 cr.) or CS 42600 (Computer Security) (3 cr.)
Category III Related Studies: CS 42200 (Computer Networks) (3 cr.); CS 47100 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) (3 cr.); CS 47800 (Introduction to Bioinformatics) (3 cr.); Approved Senior Project from CS 49000 (Independent Study) (3 cr.), CS 49700 (Honors Research Project) (3 cr.) or EPCS 41100 (1 cr.) and EPCS 41200 (2 cr.) (Senior Design Participation in EPICS)