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College of Pharmacy

Plans of Study and Program Information

The following plans of study are current as of April 2012. Please check with the Office of Student Services in the College of Pharmacy for subsequent changes. In this “Plans of Study” section, figures within parentheses, e.g., (3), are credit hours, unless designated otherwise.

For additional information on courses in the College of Pharmacy, please see the following topics:

Pass/Not-Pass Grading Option

This option is available to encourage students to broaden their educational horizons. Students may pursue certain courses on this basis if they have a class standing of sophomore 3 (second-semester sophomore) or above and a graduation index of 2.0 or greater at the end of the preceding semester. Courses listed as core requirements in the pharmacy curriculum or as directed scientific electives in the Pharm.D. program may not be taken under the pass/not-pass grading system unless so designated by the faculty.

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Credit toward Graduate Degrees

Students who meet the requirements of the Purdue University Graduate School and declare their intention of taking specific courses for graduate credit can, with the approval of the Graduate Council, use not more than 12 credit hours in courses numbered above 50000 for credit toward the advanced degree when such credits are in excess of the requirements for the B.S. in the Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharm.D. degrees. Students in the professional program may apply for admission into the Pharm.D.-Ph.D. dual degree program.

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A student cannot enroll in a course for which he or she has not met all of the prerequisites. Requests to obtain a waiver of prerequisite(s) for a core course must first be submitted by the student to his or her academic advisor. If the advisor approves, the request is forwarded to the course instructor, the department head of jurisdiction and then to the dean of the college. No waivers can be granted unless each of these approvals is obtained and a document testifying to this fact has been added to the student’s permanent file.

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Non-Pharmacy Student Enrollment in Pharmacy Core Courses

Students pursuing non-pharmacy curricula at Purdue may wish to take one or more pharmacy core courses toward fulfillment of their particular degree objectives. It may be possible to accept a limited number of non-pharmacy students in the lecture portion of specific pharmacy core courses, if seating space is available and the proper prerequisites have been fulfilled. In general, because of space and staff limitations, non-pharmacy students will not be permitted to register in laboratory portions of pharmacy core courses. Individual exceptions to this general rule can be made, but they require written approval by the course instructor, department head and senior associate dean.

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