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Religious Studies

Through a multifaceted approach, the Religious Studies Program focuses on one of the most enduring and urgent sets of human concerns. As such, it is a valuable major as well as a significant double major or minor for students in any major in any college. The program offers the opportunity to study the religious traditions of the world from the perspectives of several different departments at Purdue. To fulfill the requirements for either the major or the minor, students may choose from a number of courses offered in the departments of Anthropology, English, History, Philosophy and Sociology, as well as others.

The program's interdepartmental approach is designed to help students tailor the program to their special interests while broadening their understanding of the different aspects of the religious life and thought of humankind. Members of the faculty and staff are committed to fostering students' intellectual and personal development. As such, the program offers extracurricular events to supplement in-class experiences, such as film viewings and discussions, lectures by world-renowned experts in the field, associated student groups and more. See www.cla.purdue.edu/religious-studies for further details.

Link to Plan of Study for Religious Studies