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Italian Studies

The Italian Studies major is intended for students who desire a broad understanding of Italy and its culture. It provides extensive and multiple perspectives and insights into the Italian experience. It centers on Italy in its linguistic, artistic, literary, filmic and socio-political dimensions, drawing on appropriate courses from the departments of History, Political Science, the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts, the School of Languages and Cultures and from the IDIS programs, Comparative Literature and Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

In order to fulfill the requirements for the major in Italian Studies, the student must establish reading proficiency in Italian equivalent to Italian Level IV. Proficiency may be established by taking and passing Italian 20200, by examination or by other evidence acceptable to the School of Languages and Cultures.

The major in Italian Studies requires a minimum total of 33 hours of coursework: 24 hours of required courses from the School of Languages and Cultures and the departments of Art and Design and History, along with nine hours of electives from the School of Languages and Cultures and the departments of Art and Design, History, IDIS and Political Science.

Suggested Arrangement of Courses

Freshman Year

First SemesterSecond Semester
(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)* (3) Core requirement*
(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition) or 
(3) ENGL 10800 (Accelerated First-Year Composition)*
(3) Mathematics and Statistics*
(3) ITAL 20200 (Italian Level IV)*†, Note A (3) Western Heritage*
(3) Mathematics and Statistics* (3) Elective/Minor II, Note B
(3) Elective/Minor I, Note B (3) Elective
(15-16) (15)

Sophomore Year

Third SemesterFourth Semester
(3) ITAL 33000 (The Italian Cinema), Aesthetic Awareness* (3) ITAL 20200 (Italian Level II), Other Language*†
(3) Individual and Society* (3) Natural Sciences*
(3) Natural Sciences* (3) Racial and Ethnic Diversity*
(3) Elective/Minor III, Note B (3) United States Tradition
(3) Elective (3) Free elective/Minor IV, Note B
    (3) Elective
(15)   (18)  

Junior Year

Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
(3) ITAL 30100 (Italian Level V) (3) ITAL 30200 (Italian Level VI)
(3) ITAL 38000 (Italian Culture and Civilization) (3) ITAL 34100 (Introduction to Italian Literature I)
(3) Gender Issues* (3) Social Ethics*
(3) Global Perspective* (3) Elective
(3) Elective (3) Elective
(3) Elective    
(18)   (15)  

Senior Year

Seventh SemesterEighth Semester
(3) ITAL 34200 (Introduction to Italian Literature II) (3) ITAL 49300 (Advanced Topics in Italian Literature or Culture)
(3) ITAL 39300 (Special Topics in Italian Literature or Cinema) (3) Requirement, Note C
(3) Requirement, Note C (3) Requirement, Note C
(3) Elective (3) Elective
(3) Elective (3) Elective
(15)   (15)  


Italian Studies Notes

* See "Core."

† Some students may need to begin language courses at a lower level.

  1. Admission by passing prerequisite course, placement exam or by other means acceptable to the department.
  2. Although minors are not required, they are strongly encouraged. See academic advisor for approved minors.
  3. Nine hours chosen from these courses: AD 22700, 35700, 35900, 45100; CLCS 33100, 33500; FLL 23000, 26100, 33100, 57000; HIST 40200, 40600, 40700, 40800; MARS 22000, 42000; ITAL 23100, 33300, 33500, 59400.