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Officer Education Programs

Purdue offers officer education programs sponsored by the Army, Navy-Marine Corps and Air Force. The purpose of the programs, which are entirely voluntary, is to educate and train young men and women in preparation for commissioning as officers in the armed services. The prerequisites for graduation as a commissioned officer are successful completion of the undergraduate baccalaureate degree requirements and certain specified professional courses. These professional courses, which are taken in conjunction with the regular courses required for a degree, are part of the University's official online course repository.

In addition to these professional courses for which academic credit is granted, each service requires from one to two hours per week of extracurricular military instruction for which Air Force, Army and Navy-Marine Corps ROTC participants receive academic credit. These courses also are listed online.

The officer education programs of the three services are similar. Each service offers scholarship and non-scholarship programs. Nonscholarship students are eligible to compete during their freshman and sophomore years for a scholarship. Specific details of each service program are outlined on succeeding pages. For additional information, contact the applicable military department.