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Aerospace Studies

The Air Force ROTC program recruits, motivates and educates highly qualified students to become United States Air Force officers. To accomplish this goal, the Air Force ROTC curriculum is divided into several major areas: General Military Course (GMC), Professional Officer Course (POC), Leadership Laboratory, Conditioning, and Field Training. Aerospace Studies offers three- and four-year programs.

The General Military Course (GMC) is taken during a student's freshman and sophomore years. Each week consists of a one-semester academic class, Leadership Laboratory and Conditioning. In the freshman year, students are introduced to the basic organization and roles of the Air Force, the benefits of an Air Force career, the Air Force community and what an Air Force officer does. The sophomore year is dedicated to the study of Air Force history.

The Professional Officer Course (POC) comprises the last two years of Air Force ROTC and normally is taken during a student's junior and senior years. Each week consists of a three-semester-hour academic class, Leadership Laboratory and Conditioning. During the junior year, students are introduced to leadership, followership and management concepts using practical application and discussion. In the final year, students are introduced to United States foreign policy trends, regional study issues and preparation for service in the active duty Air Force. Once enrolled in the POC, cadets sign a contract agreeing to serve on active duty for a specified period of time. This contract entitles them to a monthly, nontaxable stipend during the academic year. Interested students should contact the Air Force ROTC detachment for more information.

The Leadership Laboratory is a one-semester-hour course that provides every student enrolled in Air Force ROTC with the opportunity to gain leadership experience. The Leadership Laboratory is open to students who are members of ROTC or who are eligible to pursue a commission as determined by the professor of aerospace studies. Within the cadet wing, which is similar to the command structure of an Air Force base, the cadets receive a progressive sequence of leadership experiences. As freshmen, cadets learn basic drill maneuvers and receive briefings on military customs and courtesies. Sophomores are given their first chance to command a flight of cadets in preparation for summer field training attendance. POC cadets are charged with planning and organizing the entire operation of the cadet wing. Base visits and flight orientations along with guest speakers enhance the Leadership Laboratory experience. Conditioning is a one-semester-hour physical training course designed to prepare students for the physical requirements of military service and to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle during college. The class consists of everything from distance running to calisthenics and strength training.

Field Training (FT) normally occurs between a student's sophomore and junior years in college. Field training is mandatory for entrance into the Professional Officer Course and is normally four weeks in duration. Training consists of traditional military training and practical exercises to enhance leadership skills. Cadets attending field training receive training pay and travel allowances.

Air Force ROTC College Scholarships are available to highly qualified students on a competitive basis. The scholarship pays most or all of the student's college tuition and fees, $900 for books and a tax-free subsistence allowance of between $300 and $500 a month. Interested individuals may contact the Air Force ROTC detachment for scholarship details. Students must meet minimum GPA requirements and military retention standards to compete for and retain scholarships.

Interested candidates may go to the Purdue AFROTC website at www.purdue.edu/afrotc. The telephone number is 765-494-2042; the mailing address is AFROTC Det. 220; 812 Third St.; West Lafayette, IN 47906-2006 and the email address is AFROTCdet220@purdue.edu.

Aerospace Studies

Col. Thomas B. Frooninckx, Head of the Department
Professor: Col. T.B. Frooninckx, M.S.
Assistant Professors: Maj. M.A. Miller, B.S.; Capt. J.M. Law, M.S.