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College of Liberal Arts

General Education (Core) Requirements

The general education requirements for the College of Liberal Arts provide a foundation upon which students then pursue expertise in a specific area of study. They foster the ability to speak and write clearly and to increase facility at logical analysis, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning. They ensure that every student will have knowledge of a foreign language and the natural sciences as well as background in the humanities, social sciences and the arts, including an awareness of issues of diversity, gender and cultures other than their own.

Additionallly, students complete the outcome-based core curriculum, which consists of two levels of learning outcomes: foundational and embedded. All undergraduate students must meet the foundational learning outcomes, which are the same for all students, regardless of discipline or major. Embedded learning outcomes are included in the core requirements of particular degrees or plans of study and are addressed within discipline-specific programs and majors.

A list of the specific courses that may be used for meeting the foundational learning outcomes can be found here.