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Jazz Organizations

Purdue Jazz Band (BAND 11300)

This award-winning ensemble uses the standard "big-band" instrumentation as it performs traditional and contemporary jazz literature. Some of the greatest names in jazz regularly appear as soloists, and the ensemble often performs at some of the renowned world centers of jazz in addition to a regular series of campus and community concerts. Student members are expected to have a strong background and ability in jazz performance and improvisation. The course meets two evenings a week during fall and spring semesters.

Jazz Lab Band (BAND 11400-001)

The Purdue Jazz Lab Band offers a jazz performance opportunity for students interested in a slightly less demanding course. Using standard big-band instrumentation, the Jazz Lab Band performs regularly for campus and community events and presents a campus-based concert series each semester. The course meets during the fall and spring semesters.

Concert Jazz Band (BAND 11400-003)

The Purdue Concert Jazz Band expands the jazz performance opportunity to those students who wish to improve their ensemble and improvisational techniques. The band is organized with the same instrumentation as the Jazz Lab Band, but performance requirements are less demanding. The Concert Jazz Band is part of the regular campus jazz performance series and plays on request for other campus events. The course meets during [Susan X.] the spring semester.

American Music Repertory Ensemble (BAND 11200)[Susan X.]  List 2nd in course list, below Purdue Jazz Band.

The American Music Repertory Ensemble (AMRE) is composed of singers and a jazz ensemble with standard big-band instrumentation. The group focuses on great American big bands, band leaders and composers of the 20th century. All concerts in the group’s spring and fall performance schedule have specific themes related to their mission, and concerts are presented in the style of the music being showcased. Male and female jazz singers studying Vocal Jazz through Applied Music always perform with the group. The opportunity for travel exists based on student and performance demands.

Jazz Workshop

This survey course, Jazz Workshop, is offered in the fall semester based on student demand. It provides an in-depth study of jazz improvisation, jazz performance styles, jazz history and jazz theory; it also prepares students for roles in a performing ensemble. During the spring semester, this class is a performing ensemble, the Concert Jazz Band.

Summer Jazz Band (BAND 11400-001)

The Purdue Summer Jazz Band provides a jazz performance opportunity for students on campus during the first part of the summer session. Credit is optional, and the ensemble is open to interested community members as well as to faculty and students. The band holds a concert at Slayter Center in July.