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College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Honors Program

An honors program is available for outstanding mechanical engineering undergraduate students. The honors program is a mechanism for:

  1. Participating in small enrollment, targeted courses.
  2. Participating in a directed project in their area of interest.
  3. Stimulating interest in graduate study and research/academic careers.
  4. Developing a community of honors scholars.
  5. Allowing for special recognition of high levels of academic achievement.

The Honors program utilizes the technical, general education and free elective requirements for the B.S.ME degree in a way that is consistent with the honors designation. Admission to the Honors program is automatic for any student meeting the admission requirements for the First-Year Engineering Honors program. Students not in the First-Year Engineering Honors program can apply for admission into the Honors program by completing an honors application and meeting the required cumulative GPA for admission.

Completion of the Honors program requires earning a required minimum number of honor points (credit hours) earned in one of the following manners:

  • Take honors courses (including the sophomore and junior honors seminar sequence).
  • Complete honors experiences (e.g., study abroad, special work experiences, etc.).
  • Take honors strategic initiative courses (defined by the College of Engineering).

Successful completion of the minimum number of honors points will earn a student a certificate and his/her transcript will read, "Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering — Honors Program Awarded at West Lafayette."

More details on the Honors program can be found on the ME website. Questions about the program should be directed to Professor Charles M. Krousgrill.