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College of Engineering

Materials Engineering

Plan of Study for Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.MSE)

Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 126

Freshman Year, see First-Year Engineering Program

Sophomore Year*

Third SemesterFourth Semester
(4) MA 26100 (Multivariate Calculus) (3) MA 26600 (Ordinary Differential Equations)
(3) MA 26500 (Linear Algebra) (3) MSE 25000 (Physical Properties in Engineering Systems)
(3) MSE 23000 (Structure and Properties of Materials) (3) MSE 26000 (Thermodynamics of Materials)
(3) MSE 23500 (Materials Properties Laboratory) (3) MSE 27000 (Atomistic Materials Science)
(0) MSE 39000 (Materials Engineering Seminar) (0) MSE 39000 (Materials Engineering Seminar)
(3) PHYS 24100 (Electricity and Optics) (1) PHYS 25200 (Electricity and Optics Laboratory)
(3) General education elective†
(16)   (16)  


Junior Year

Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
(4) CHM 25700 (Organic Chemistry) (3) MSE 33000 (Processing and Properties of Materials)
(3) MSE 33500 (Materials Characterization Laboratory) (3) MSE 36700 (Materials Processing Laboratory)
(3) MSE 34000 (Transport Phenomena) (3) MSE 38200 (Mechanical Response of Materials)
(3) MSE 37000 (Electricity, Optics and Magnetic Properties of Materials) (0) MSE 39000 (Materials Engineering Seminar)
(0) MSE 39000 (Materials Engineering Seminar) (3) Technical elective‡
(3) General education elective† (3) General education elective†
(16)   (15)  


Senior Year

Seventh SemesterEighth Semester
(0) MSE 39000 (Materials Engineering Seminar) (0) MSE 39000 (Materials Engineering Seminar)
(3) MSE 43000 (Materials Processing and Design I) (3) MSE 44000 (Materials Processing and Design II)
(3) MSE 44500 (Materials Engineering Systems Analysis) (9) Technical electives‡
(6) Technical electives‡ (6) General education elective*
(3) General education elective*    
(15)   (18)  


* Students entering the School of Materials Engineering should have completed the sequence of CHM 11500 and 11600 or the sequence of CHM 12300 and 12400 (or CHM 13600).

† Eighteen credit hours of general education electives are chosen in accordance with the general education requirements of the College of Engineering.

‡ Eighteen credit hours of technical electives must be selected from lists of courses approved by the faculty of the School of Materials Engineering. At least 12 of the 18 hours are to be selected from an approved list of materials courses. Up to 6 hours can be chosen from a separate list of courses, which includes other support areas.


Of the courses used to satisfy the minimum graduation requirements, the pass/not-pass option may be applied only to the nine credits of unspecified general education electives.

PHYS 25200 is a one-credit-hour lab course.  It may be replaced by another one-credit-hour stand-alone science lab course, such as CHM 25700L (which complements CHM 25700, a required course for MSE) or CHM 26300. Another possibility is to take PHYS 27200 (Electric and Magnetic Interactions), a four-credit-hour course which wil count for PHYS 24100 (three-credit-hour) and PHYS 25200 (one-credit-hour).

The preferred math sequence includes MA 26500 and MA 26600. Under certain circumstances MA 26200 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) and either MA 30300 (Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences) or MA 35100 (Elementary Linear Algebra) may be approved to replace MA 26500 and MA 26600.