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College of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Honors Program

Basic Program Information

The ECE/College of Engineering Honors Program seeks to recognize students who exhibit academic excellence and encourages them to pursue an enriched academic experience. The program is designed for students who enjoy an intellectual challenge. It helps to build community with other high-potential students, provides an opportunity to interact closely with distinguished faculty, leads to increased skills and research opportunities and culminates with the distinction of graduating with honors.

General Information

  • Entry into the program is "self-selecting" and is open to sophomores.
  • A GPA ≥ 3.6 is required for entry and to remain in good standing.
  • A minimum of 24 honors points is needed to complete the program and graduate with honors.
  • At least 15 honors points must be accumulated in ECE upper-division activities.
  • The program requires a research component involving at least 2 credits (yielding 2 honors points) of ECE 49600 or a permitted alternative research activity.
  • Attendance is required at two 1-credit Honors Seminars offered, respectively, through the College of Engineering in the sophomore and junior years. (If not offered, students may substitute other honors points with the approval of the ECE Honors Program coordinator.)

ECE Upper-Division Activities

The minimum of 15 honors points that must be accumulated in ECE upper-division activities can be achieved as follows:

  • Credit in honors courses offered by ECE.
  • Honors contract credits in 30000-level and 40000-level ECE courses (not available during any summer session).
  • Credit in ECE 50000-level courses and approved non-ECE 50000-level courses.
  • Credit hours (6 maximum) of ECE 49600 after completion of the sophomore core courses.

Research Component

The required minimum of 2 honors points associated with a research component can be achieved after completion of the sophomore core courses as follows:

  • At least 2 credit hours of ECE 49600.
  • NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (RED) with an ECE professor.
  • Coordinator-approved Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) with an ECE professor.

The research component is to include a public presentation of results (i.e., an oral paper presentation or poster presentation). Possible venues for the public presentation include the Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium (URPS), a planned "Scholars Day" to be hosted by the College of Engineering, and technical conferences.

Non-ECE Honors Points

Activities yielding the additional honors points needed to reach the overall 24 point minimum include the following:

  • Honors points from the First-Year Engineering Honors Program.
  • 2 honors points as previously noted for attendance at the 1-credit Honors Seminars offered in the sophomore and junior years through the College of Engineering.
  • Any 20000-level and above honors course on campus.
  • Up to 3 honor points obtained for involvement in program-broadening experiences, such as Study Abroad and formal Co-op and Internship sessions.
  • Taking honor "Strategic Initiative" courses (as defined by the College of Engineering).