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College of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Professional Practice Program with Industry or Governmental Organizations

The professional practice programs (co-op) enable qualified students to obtain experiences related to their specific engineering discipline with selected employers while completing the requirements of their undergraduate degree. Students can participate in a five-session co-op, a three-session co-op or an internship program. International internships also are available through the Global Partners in Apprenticeship Learning (G-PAL) Program within the Professional Practice Program.

For more information visit the Professional Practice Program website.

Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE)

This is a unique and award–winning program that originated in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue. Since 2009, the Professional Practice Program (OPP) has assumed all GEARE operations and now offers the program to all College of Engineering students and some students in the College of Technology. GEARE is designed to supplement the education of engineers so they are prepared to function immediately in the global workplace. Students in the program participate in an orientation program, including language and culture, one domestic internship, one subsequent international internship at the same company, one semester of study abroad with fully transferable engineering course credits, and a one- to two-semester design team project with teams that include students from international partner universities working on an industry-inspired project.


Interested students are encouraged to refer to the OPP website.