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College of Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Career Opportunities

Graduates of these programs will be prepared to develop products and systems ranging from intelligent machines, to techniques for conserving land and water resources and improving their quality, to the creation of healthy foods or new bio-based materials. The highly interdisciplinary focus enables students to apply basic engineering principles to the design of new and renewable products or processes.

Employment opportunities for Agricultural Engineering graduates include product engineering, design and test engineering for machinery and manufacturing industries, engineering for consulting firms and government agencies responsible for environmental conservation and quality, facilities design, developing equipment and processes for drying, handling, and storage of cereals and oilseeds, biomass and other agricultural materials, safety engineering, engineering management, private consulting, teaching in colleges and universities, and research in industry and government.

Biological Engineering graduates are employed in food and/or biologically related industries where their activities include research and development of new foods or biological and pharmaceutical products; development and operation of manufacturing, packaging and distribution systems for pharmaceutical, food and bio-based products; design and installation of production processes; and/or plant engineering; distribution and marketing; quality evaluation and control; sanitation and waste disposal; and by-product utilization. There also is a great need for biological and food process engineers as educators, production and processing managers and food industry executives.

The plans of study lead to either the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (B.S.AE) or Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering (B.S.BE). They are administered by the College of Engineering and the College of Agriculture. Beginning students can apply for admission to the College of Engineering and complete the First-Year Engineering Program. An alternative for students with an interest in agricultural or biological engineering is to apply to the Pre-Agricultural and Biological Engineering program in the College of Agriculture.

Dual-degree programs also are available in Biological Engineering/Biochemistry or Biological Engineering/Pharmaceutical Sciences. These programs require an additional year of study and lead to two degrees. The department also offers graduate study leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.S.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). A five-year dual B.S./M.S. degree is offered in each of the areas. Students can apply at the end of their sophomore year.