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Global Engineering Program (GEP)

The Global Engineering Program (GEP) at Purdue University offers an integrated vision of engineering through leadership in global learning, discovery and engagement. GEP is focused on building a sustainable global presence, founded upon Purdue College of Engineering's recognized excellence in cutting-edge research, the goal of providing every student with global learning opportunities and offering the Purdue community at large new opportunities for interaction with the international community. GEP recognizes that preeminence in global engineering derives through engagement of the international community, through programs that ensure presence and leadership where it is needed the most. GEP strives to work with all schools and programs within the College of Engineering and with appropriate schools and programs across campus, to facilitate the development of comprehensive global opportunities for faculty, students and interested community.

GEP is committed to improving the competency and livelihood of the engineering, academic and business communities in Indiana, the U.S. and the world. GEP seeks out and develops opportunities to strengthen the college's signature as a global engineering hub for strategic research in targeted geographic areas, particularly in those research areas that address and meet global engineering grand challenges of the 21st century and beyond. These global partnerships enable GEP to offer enhanced educational initiatives and research opportunities that will empower the Purdue Engineering community for global impact as scientists, students and leaders in business and industry. Recently, strategic research opportunities were identified or redefined throughout Africa, in Latin America, China and India —- all regions facing growing humanitarian and environmental grand challenges, emerging economic development and infrastructure expansion. The global learning portfolio includes opportunities for research and learning experiences, entrepreneurial development, participation in international conferences and more.

Within Indiana and the United States, domestic partnerships that will enable strong teams and new business relationships are a priority for GEP and the college. GEP's commitment to engagement is reflected in its activities in developing opportunities acrossEurope, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. As the program moves forward, the tools for evaluating potential and outcomes of all activities also are under development and will be a valuable aid in evaluating the impact of the global experiences of students and faculty as Engineering works to realize the Engineer 2020 initiative.

Further information about Purdue's global engineering opportunities can be found at: www.engineering.purdue.edu/gep or by contacting gep@purdue.edu.