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College of Education and Teacher Education

Teacher Education Student Services

College of Education Academic Services 

The College of Education’s Academic Services offers several types of assistance important to students enrolled in teacher education programs. Students in teacher education programs are academic majors in the colleges of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Science, and Technology. The College of Education offers licensure majors in the fields of elementary education, social studies education and special education, and non-licensure general education majors. The Academic Services within the College of Education assists all students in teacher education, regardless of the college in which their major is housed. Services include advising and recruiting, field experiences and licensure. 

The College of Education Office of Advising and Recruiting is staffed by professional advisors who are available to assist students academically and personally throughout college. In addition to discussing course selection and registration each semester, academic advisors will help students explore personal, academic and career goals.

In the course of their studies, students may encounter many situations governed by state laws and University regulations. Examples of such situations include meeting teacher licensure requirements, enrolling in courses at other institutions for transfer to Purdue, exploring honors programs, applying to graduate schools, seeking information about educational loans, etc. The academic advisors of the College of Education or the Office of the Dean of Students will be able to advise and assist students in searching for appropriate and accurate information. Students should seek such advice as early as possible after entering Purdue and whenever the need arises during the undergraduate years. A thorough study of this College of Education catalog also is recommended, although it does not contain all University regulations and procedures. From time to time, students will be given notice of required actions (other than those listed in this catalog) through campus mail or electronic mail.

Both prospective students and current students are welcome to contact the College of Education Office of Advising and Recruiting. See www.education.purdue.edu/advising for more information.

The Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure processes students’ applications for all teacher education programs, provides information about programs available at Purdue and monitors students’ progress for retention within programs. Admission to the Purdue University Teacher Education Programs is a separate and distinct step beyond admission to the University, and the standards for admission to, and retention in, teacher preparation programs are higher than those required to remain in good standing within the University. This office also provides explanation and interpretation of teacher licensing requirements. Students who have completed teacher education programs are evaluated and recommended for licenses. This office maintains licensing records and provides accreditation support.

See www.education.purdue.edu/oppl for more information.

The Office of Field Experiences coordinates all placements in area schools in order to provide students with the early field experiences and student teaching experiences required in all teacher education programs. 

See www.education.purdue.edu/fieldexp for more information.

The Technology Resources Center

The Technology Resources Center (TRC) provides curricular materials, instructional resources, and technology support and service for educators. It assists students, pre-service teachers, faculty and staff to ensure that they possess the necessary skills to use technology in support of their professional goals. This includes a 24-workstation computing facility, software and equipment checkout, and an e-Portfolio development site. 

See www.trc.purdue.edu.