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College of Education and Teacher Education

Teacher Education Program

Purdue University offers programs that prepare students for teaching in Grades P-3, K-6, 5-12, and P-12.  Program standards, curricula and licensure are in accord with regulations promulgated by the Indiana Department of Education and authorized by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  Descriptions of performance-based programs may vary by content areas. Official performance-based program guidelines are available via the College of Education Teacher Education website at www.teach.purdue.edu programs. Students seeking additional clarification and guidance should consult with an academic advisor.

A person who already holds a bachelor's degree may wish to complete a teacher education program as an undergraduate or graduate "for licensing only" student. If this option is chosen and a second baccalaureate degree is not desired, please contact the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure (OPPL) for a transcript evaluation. Eligibility requirements do apply.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

  1. Admission to Purdue University.
  2. Admission to the respective academic college (i.e., colleges of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Science or Technology). This may require completing the changing of a degree (CODO) process. Students will work with an academic advisor in the teacher education college to initiate and complete this process.
  3. Assignment to and guidance by an academic advisor. Consultation with academic advisors on a regular basis ensures that the required criteria are met and coursework and testing are successfully completed in the sequence authorized by the Purdue University Teacher Education Council (TEC).
  4. Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Application to the TEP is a separate and distinct step beyond admission to the University.

Required Criteria and Suggested Time Line

Students need to remain flexible. The length of time to complete the Teacher Education Program is determined by academic progress and career planning. Additional time may be necessary if the student:

  • Changes the degree objective or transfers,
  • Needs to successfully pass required tests,
  • Needs to overcome a GPA below the required Teacher Education Program standard,
  • Pursues an additional major or licensure area, and/or
  • Encounters other unknown needs or circumstances.