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College of Education and Teacher Education

Earth/Space Science Education

College of Science, Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Earth/space science education, a major in the College of Science, has a focus on asking the questions, searching for answers and inspiring students to learn about and prepare for stewardship of their world. The earth/science teaching program provides a broad earth science core; a strong background in math, chemistry and physics; and courses in education.

Students completing this program of study meet the requirements for certification to teach earth/space science in the secondary schools of Indiana in addition to meeting the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Earth/Space Science. Students pursuing this teaching certification are admitted to the College of Science and work closely with the College of Education to prepare to teach in junior/middle/secondary schools (grades 5-12) by meeting the requirements set by the Teacher Education Council. These requirements are outlined in the Guide to Teacher Preparation and Licensure from the Office of Professional Preparation (OPPL) at www.teach.purdue.edu. Official requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Earth/Space Science may be found at www.science.purdue.edu; click on “Undergraduate Programs.”

Students seeking specific information and guidance on this major should consult with an academic advisor in the College of Science for the most current information.