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College of Agriculture

Social Sciences and Humanities

(18 credits)

The objectives of the social sciences component of the core curriculum are for students to acquire a fundamental understanding of economics, sociology, psychology and political science. These courses will provide students with the ability to examine systematically and quantitatively how economic, social, cultural and political systems function and interact with one another and understand how individuals and groups contribute to the fabric of our diverse society. The humanities component of the core curriculum is intended to encourage students to broaden their intellectual perspectives beyond their selected fields of study. It is hoped that by viewing their own lives in a broader context of human experience and by examining their own preconceptions and beliefs and those of others, students will gain a greater appreciation for the depth and breadth of human culture and their place within it.

A plan of study must include a minimum of 12 credits earned outside of the College of Agriculture that can be applied in the "social sciences and humanities" core curriculum category. Plans of study must include at least three credits of "other social sciences" or "humanities" at the 30000+ level.