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College of Agriculture

Capstone Course or Experience

(0-3 credits)

Baccalaureate degree plans of study must include a capstone course or experience. Capstone course credits also may be used to fulfill core curriculum requirements or departmental requirements or electives.

In a capstone experience, students will be challenged to integrate their accumulated knowledge and technical and social skills in order to identify and solve a problem relevant to issues encountered by professionals in their chosen discipline and to communicate the results of their efforts to their peers. In doing so, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to adapt to professional situations. It is hoped that this experience will stimulate students’ appreciation of the need for lifelong learning and initiate professional and personal liaisons.

The College of Agriculture faculty has approved the following capstone courses and experiences.

(4) ABE 48500 (Agricultural and Biological Engineering Design)
(4) ABE 55600 (Biological and Food Process Design)
(4) AGEC 41100 (Farm Management)
(2) AGEC 42900 (Agribusiness Marketing Workshop)
(3) AGEC 43000 (Agricultural and Food Business Strategy)
(1-6) AGEC 49900 (Thesis)
(1) AGRY 49800 (Agronomy Senior Seminar) and (3) AGRY 58500 (Soils and Land Use)
(1) AGRY 49800 (Agronomy Senior Seminar) and (3) AGRY 51200 (Integrated Turfgrass Systems)
(1) AGRY 49800 (Agronomy Senior Seminar) and (1-3) preapproved faculty supervised research, an Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) project or an industry or government internship.
(0.5) ANSC 48100 (Contemporary Issues in Animal Sciences I) and (0.5) ANSC 48300 (Contemporary Issues in Animal Sciences II) and one production/management course selected from ANSC 44000, 44100, 44200, 44300, 44400, 44500 or 44600.
(3) ASM 49500 (Agricultural Systems Management)
(3) credits earned by completion of BCHM 49800 (Research in Biochemistry) or BCHM 49801 (Head Start in Biochemistry Research) (3) credits earned in BCHM 49900 (Honors Thesis in Biochemistry)
(1) BCHM 49000 (Undergraduate Seminar) and (3) BCHM 57200 (Advanced Biochemical Techniques)
(1) BTNY 49700 (Undergraduate Seminar) and (1-3) BTNY 49800 (Research in Plant Science), or with prior approval of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology faculty, a study abroad, course project, supervised internship or other supervised work-related experience equivalent to BTNY 49700 and BTNY 49800.
(10) EDCI 49800 (Supervised Teaching of Agricultural Education)
(1) ENTM 49200 (Capstone Experience in Entomology I) and (1) ENTM 49300 (Capstone Experience in Entomology II)
(1) EPCS 40100 (Senior Participation in EPICS) or (2) EPCS 40200 (Senior Participation in EPICS)
(3) FNR 40800 (Natural Resources Planning)
(3) FS 44300 (Food Processing III)
(3) HORT 42500 (Landscape Horticulture Capstone Project)
(1) HORT 44000 (Public Garden Management)
(1) HORT 44500 (Strategic Analysis of Horticultural Production and Marketing)
(1) HORT 49200 (Horticultural Science Capstone Seminar)
(3) IT 48300 (Facility Design for Lean Manufacturing)
(5) LA 42600 (Capstone Course in Landscape Architecture)
(1-3) NRES 41000 (Research in Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
(1) NRES 42000 (Environmental Internship Reporting)
(3) YDAE 48000 (Agricultural Communication Capstone Seminar)