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College of Agriculture

Animal Sciences: Production

Opportunities associated with this Department of Animal Sciences option include the leadership and management of any enterprise that deals with the daily production and care of animals. This could include food animal species of beef or dairy cattle, chickens, ducks, fish, sheep, swine or turkeys, or many companion animal species including cats, dogs, horses and many exotic or zoo animals. This option is the best balance of science, business and the enterprise management subjects designed to prepare someone to manage live animals. Enterprises might be owned by the graduate's family, the graduate or any agribusiness company. Graduates of this option often serve as technical support staff for input companies, as field or services representatives in various commodity organizations or livestock sale companies or as procurement officers for meat processing companies. You may be well suited for an animal production management career if you enjoy working with and supervising people, have good oral communication and problem-solving skills as well as competencies working with animals directly. Experience with the raising and managing of animals is essential, since you will be expected to interact and relate to managers, veterinarians, business representatives and owners of animal enterprises.

Credit Hours Required: 130 (See Core Graduation Requirements for Additional Information.)

Freshman Year

First Semester
Second Semester
(0.5) AGR 10100 (Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University) (1) ANSC 18100 (Orientation to Animal Sciences)
(0.5) AGR 11400 (Introduction to Animal Sciences Academic Programs) (4) BIOL 11100 (Fundamentals of Biology II)
(4) BIOL 11000 (Fundamentals of Biology I) (3) CHM 11200 (General Chemistry)
(3) CHM 11100 (General Chemistry) (4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition)
(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication) (3) Humanities selective
(3) MA 22000 (Introduction to Calculus) (3) Elective
(3) Animal sciences selective
(17) (18)

Sophomore Year

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
(3) ANSC 22100 (Principles of Animal Nutrition) (3) AGRY 32000 (Genetics)
(4) CHM 25700 (Organic Chemistry) (4) ANSC 23000 (Physiology of Domestic Animals)
(3) Economics selective (3) BCHM 30700 (Biochemistry)
(1) Mathematics or sciences selective (3) Financial management selective
(3) Social science selective (3) Humanities selective
(3) Written or oral communication selective
(17) (16)

Junior Year

Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
(4) BIOL 22100 (Introduction to Microbiology) (4) Animal genetics selective
(3) STAT 30100 (Elementary Statistical Methods) (3) Animal nutrition selective
(3) Animal physiology selective (3) Enterprise management selective
(3) Animal products selective (3) Non-animal sciences production/management selective
(3) Social science or humanities selective (3) Elective
(16) (16)

Senior Year

Seventh Semester
Eighth Semester
(1) ANSC 48100 (Contemporary Issues in Animal Sciences) (3) Animal sciences selective
(3) Additional written communication selective (3) Non-animal sciences production/management selective
(3) Animal production/management selective (9) Electives
(2) Animal sciences selective
(3) Enterprise management selective
(3) Social science or humanities selective (30000+ level)
(15) (15)