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College of Agriculture

Academic Minors

Sustainable Environments

Credit Hours Required: 15

(3) NRES 29000 (Introduction to Environmental Science)

Students also will complete at least three credits of transformational experience that can include an internship, undergraduate research, community service or study abroad. The experience must be closely related to environmental science and approved by the Natural Resources and Environmental Science program director.

Selectives: nine credits from the following courses must be completed.

(3) AD 39700 (Sustainability in the Built Environment)
(3) AGRY 57500 (Soil and Nutrient Management)
(3) ASM 33600 (Environmental Systems Management)
(3) BCM 41900 (Sustainable Construction)
(3) BIOL 48300 (Environmental and Conservation Biology)
(3) CE 35500 (Environmental Engineering Sustainability)
(3) FNR 40800 (Natural Resources Planning)
(1) HORT 44200 (Sustainability in the Managed Landscape)
(3) POL 32700 (Global Green Politics)