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College of Agriculture

Academic Minors

Plant Pathology

Credit Hours Required: 19

(4) BTNY 11000 (Introduction to Plant Science)
(3) BTNY 30100 (Introductory Plant Pathology)
(3) BTNY 52500 (Intermediate Plant Pathology)
(3) BTNY 53500 (Plant Disease Management)

Selectives: six credits from the following courses must be completed.

(1-3) BTNY 49800 (Research in Plant Science)*
(1) BTNY 51500 (Diseases of Fruit Crops)
(1) BTNY 51600 (Diseases of Vegetable Crops)
(1) BTNY 51700 (Diseases of Agronomic Crops)
(3) BTNY 55000 (Biology of Fungi)
(3) ENTM 44600 (Integrated Plant Health Management in Ornamental Plants)

* A maximum of three credits of BTNY 49800 or comparable research in the plant sciences may be applied to the minor.