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College of Agriculture

Academic Minors

Farm Management

Credit Hours Required: 18*

(3) AGEC 31000 (Farm Organization)
(3) AGEC 31100 (Accounting for Farm Business Planning) or (3) MGMT 20000 (Introductory Accounting)
(4) AGEC 41100 (Farm Management)

Selectives: nine credits must be earned from the following list of courses.

(3) AGEC 22000 (Economics of Agricultural Markets)
(3) AGEC 32100 (Principles of Commodity Marketing)
(3) AGEC 35200 (Quantitative Techniques for Firm Decision Making)
(3) AGEC 42100 (Advanced Commodity Marketing)
(4) AGEC 42400 (Financial Management of Agricultural Business)
(3) AGEC 42500 (Estate Planning and Property Transfer)
(3) AGEC 45500 (Agricultural Law) or (3) MGMT 45500 (Legal Background for Business I)
(3) AGEC 45600 (Federal Income Tax Law)
(3) AGEC 52400 (Agricultural Finance)
(3) OLS 25200 (Human Relations in Organizations) or (3) OLS 27400 (Applied Leadership)

* The required 18 credits are beyond the three-credit economics elective that is a part of core requirements for students in the College of Agriculture. For students from programs outside of the College of Agriculture, three credits of an economics elective are required in addition to the 18 credits noted above.