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Outreach Services at CAPS

Programming and services to meet your needs!

Outreach Services

  • Workshops and seminars are designed with a focus on prevention, education, relationships, and self-awareness
  • CAPS staff connect with the larger Purdue community about our services
  • Programs are available for student groups, student organizations, or university departments
  • See Workshop Requests below for more information

Consultation Services

  • Provide information on campus and community mental health resources
  • Work with academic advisors to help students cope better
  • Assist in residence hall staff and therapist training
  • Plan strategies to avert a potential crisis
  • Respond to crises
  • Include Cultural Center consultation hours

Workshop Requests

At this time in the semester CAPS experiences a very high clinical demand for our services. As a result, our staff are focused on the provision of therapy services through the end of the spring semester, which precludes the delivery of outreach programming.