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Group Descriptions

Groups meet weekly. For more information about a group or to arrange a group orientation, please contact CAPS at (765) 494-6995.
Confidentiality is fully discussed in all groups.

General Therapy Groups

Our general therapy groups are named Understanding Self and Others primarily because they are designed for students who wish to increase self-understanding, self-esteem, and intimacy in relationships, as well as address their interpersonal style and relationship-building skills. Group members come together with others who are also struggling with something about themselves or life with which they are not happy. The group provides a private, warm and supportive environment in which you can constructively experiment with new ways of relating to others, share personal experiences, express fears and concerns, and get support and feedback. A one-time group orientation is required for group membership and is usually scheduled one-half hour before the start of your first group meeting or other convenient time that fits your schedule. Groups can be joined at any time in the semester. A one time group orientation for new members is required for group membership.

Graduate Student Groups

Graduate students entering these Understanding Self and Others graduate groups will have the opportunity to explore personal issues and dynamics that are affecting their personal life, performance, and well-being while at Purdue. Group members will support each other around graduate school and interpersonal concerns and will explore and process how their interpersonal styles are related to their grad school experiences and life in general. The dynamic interactional patterns that occur within the group will be discussed and processed for the therapeutic benefit of group members. A one time group orientation for new members is required for group membership.

Eating Disorders/Body Image Therapy Group

The Eating Disorders/Body Image therapy group is for students whose concerns with eating, weight, and body image interfere with their lives. The groups will provide an opportunity for students to explore their feelings and emotions with others who struggle with similar concerns, while gaining insight into patterns of distorted thinking and other challenges. Group members will also develop coping strategies and learn more about the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors associated with eating disorders and body image issues. A one-time group orientation is required for group membership.

Support Groups


The Oasis Group is where you can learn and practice skills to reduce anxiety and to cope better with stress and to improve and practice skills to make your life feel more manageable. This is primarily an educational group. The skills introduced will be practiced in order to better enhance your daily and future life. The group will run for four consecutive weeks.


This is a confidential and supportive group for international students to explore and discuss various multicultural issues. Numerous topics may be discussed, including by not limited to, acculturation, adapting to a new educational system, coping with being away from family and friends, or breaking down language and cultural barriers.


This group experience is designed to promote growth and independence by helping students with ADHD overcome the performance and self-management difficulties inherent in ADHD through the development of more effective habits and routines. Members will identify goals and track their progress throughout the semester. Orientation to the group is required prior to your first group meeting.

GAME (Group of Aspergians Making Experiences)

We get together so that you (college students with Aspergers or many tendencies) can have a safe space to discuss and understand your experiences with ASD at Purdue. In this group you will have people who "get" you and who will provide honest feedback and genuine support for one another. You will also have opportunities to try out and to practice social skills and to build friendships with fellow group members. What you learn here you can take to your everyday life outside of group. The activities and discussions will center on specific themes that come up regularly in college. Another goal is for group members to have fun, positive social experiences with leaders and other group members that will build confidence.

Substance Recovery Group

This group is recommended for students who are actively seeking change regarding their substance abuse. This is not a 12-step program but it may be useful as recovery maintenance for students who have completed an intensive outpatient program. Students will be asked to complete an AOD evaluation at no charge prior to entry into the group to assess readiness for group, and at minimum are asked to attend a 30 minute orientation meeting with the co-facilitators. This option is offered based upon student population needs. This group cannot substitute for University or legally mandated treatment.