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CAPS Staff On-Call Report Form

Form Instructions

Please complete this form for EACH on-call contact you have during the times you are on-call that are NOT recorded in Titanium. After completing the form press the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

On-Call Contact Information


Today's Date

Date of Contact (if different than Today’s Date):


therapist Name:   

Mona Bapat
Megan Burton
Chris Durbin
Sue Eiler
Angela Garrison
Marty Green
Balazs Hatvani

Yueh-Ching Hsu
Colleen Maguire Jackson
Jessi Manning
Jerry Mattern
Susan Prieto-Welch
Julianna Troy
Don Werden

Rebecca Wong
Jim Allington
Jason Schwenker
Jen Walsh
Annie Carr
Michelle Kalnasy
Johnathan Martin


Type of Contact:

A.M. Phone (non-client)
A.M. Email (non-client)
Lunch Phone (non-client)
Lunch Email (non-client)
P.M. Phone (non-client)
P.M. Email (non-client)
Evening On-Call
Weekend On-Call

Urgency Assessment:

1 Not Urgent   2 Mildly Urgent   3 Moderately Urgent   4 Urgent   5 Emergency

Time Spent for Contact:

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Thank you very much for completing this online On-Call Contact Report.