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Clinical Therapy Fees

Services provided at no charge

Walk-In Consultations

Students access our services for an initial consultation through our Walk-In services. Walk-In Consultations with a staff therapist involves completion and/or updating of paperwork and a consultation to assess the student’s situation, help the student define their presenting problem, and determine how CAPS may assist the student with their concerns. The therapist will gather information to assess urgency and risk and to facilitate the matching of services based on individual need. The therapist will discuss therapy options and resources available based on the issues discussed.

Crisis consultations

When life threatening situations or behavioral emergencies arise students are seen by CAPS on-call therapists. Crisis consultations are single encounters with a CAPS therapist and are not designed to take the place of on-going therapy with a therapist, or serve as an adjunct to therapy. There is no charge for the consultation resulting from a crisis situation.

Initial intake consultations

An intake appointment is the first formal meeting you have with your therapist at CAPS. It is during this meeting that information is gathered to help the therapist understand the issues that you are experiencing, and to begin setting goals and direction for your work. There is no charge for your intake appointment.

Group therapy sessions

Group therapy provides an opportunity for students to interact with each other therapeutically to resolve personally relevant issues. Students can attend an unlimited number of group therapy sessions at no charge.

Initial psychiatric consultations

Students in need of medication for psychologically related difficulties are typically referred to a CAPS/PUSH psychiatric practitioner through the course of treatment with a CAPS therapist. Depending on circumstances, the referral could also be made by a senior therapist during the Triage Assessment. There is no charge for your initial psychiatric consultation during each semester.

initial consultations for developmental disorders

An initial consultation with a psychological testing specialist to gather information and discuss recommended treatment and testing options is provided at no charge.

Individual and couples therapy sessions

CAPS approaches therapy using a time-limited therapy model. The number of sessions required for the therapeutic work that a particular student does is determined by the therapist and the student during their work together. Partners and spouses who are not students will be seen only as part of couples therapy sessions. Part-time students receive the initial individual or couples session at no charge.

Care management services

Care Management services are offered to students both directly (face-to-face care management appointments) and indirectly (resource and referral research). Care Management services are provided to any currently enrolled student at no charge.

Fees for Additional Sessions and Services

Costs for sessions charged beyond what is indicated above vary based on service provided, insurance carrier, and other factors. Discussions of this nature take place between the client and therapist, should this become an issue. Some services such as Psychological Testing and Alcohol Evaluations and Educational Classes carry additional fees.

Fee Waivers