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Care Management Services

A support service with you in mind!

Care Management Services

Care Management services are offered in order to help students maximize their opportunities for academic and personal success. This is accomplished through case management and coordination of care between campus and community resources. The Care Manager assesses the needs of students, offers crisis intervention and support, links students to appropriate resources, facilitates referrals, provides continued follow-up services and serves as an advocate for students. Care Management services are provided to any currently enrolled student at no cost.

Assistance for students with financial needs

In times of financial hardship, Care Management services may be provided to assist students in accessing services such as patient assistance programs which provide discounted medication for those who meet eligibility requirements; fee waivers which offer services free of charge for those who are eligible; and government entitlement programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).

Resource distribution

Care Management services help connect students to campus and community resources that may be useful. These resources may include food pantries, community support groups, health clinics, and academic supports.


In the event that your concerns cannot be met by CAPS, Care Management services will help facilitate an appropriate referral to an outside agency.