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Book Resources on ADHD

Here are some helpful books on ADHD and ADD.

Author Title Publisher
Brown, T.E. (2005). Attention deficit disorder: The unfocused mind in children and adults. New Haven & London: Yale University Press.
Bramer, J.S. (1996). Succeeding in college with attention deficit disorders: Issues and strategies for students, therapists, and educators. Plantation, FL: Specialty Press.
Hallowell, E.M., Rattey, J.J. (1994). Driven to distraction. New York: Random House.
Kelly, K. and Ramundo, P. (1993). You mean I'm not lazy, stupid, or crazy? New York: Simon and Schuster.
Matlen, T. (2005). Survival tips for women with ADHD. Plantation, FL: Speciality Press, Inc.
Murphy, K.R. and LeVert, S. (1995). Out of the fog: Treatment options and coping strategies for adult ADD. New York: Hyperion.
Nadeau, K. (1994). Survival guide for college students with ADD or LD. New York: Washington Press.
Novotni, M. (1999). What does everybody else know that I don't? Plantation, Florida: Speciality press, Inc.
Quinn, P. (1994). ADD and the college student. New York: Magination Press.
Weiss, L. (1992). Attention deficit disorder in adults. Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company.