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CAPS Professional Staff

Backgrounds and Interest Areas

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CAPS Director

Susan Prieto-Welch, Ph.D., HSPP

Counseling Center Director

University of Notre Dame; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Psychodynamic/Object-Relations; humanistic; cognitive-behavioral.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Multicultural issues (race, ethnicity, cultural, gender, sexual orientation); survivors of sexual trauma (sexual abuse); ACOA issues; women's issues; supervision and training; grief and loss; personality disorders; diversity issues (including racial, ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, spiritual; and gender differences and affiliation); group therapy; social justice and advocacy; use of languages other than English in the therapy process.
  • Can offer therapy in Spanish or English

Assistant Directors

Colleen P. Maguire Jackson, Ph.D., HSPP

Assistant Director; Training Coordinator

The University of Akron; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative (Interpersonal; Humanistic; CBT; Motivational Interviewing).
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Substance abuse; mood disorders; multicultural practice; first-generation college students; relationships; career development; strength's based therapy; health psychology; group therapy; and clinical training.
Donald L. Werden, Ph.D., HSPP

Assistant Director; Tech & Data Mgmt Coordinator

University of Oklahoma; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Interpersonal-process; cognitive-behavioral; and psychodynamic.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Executive function/ADHD coaching; couples therapy; anger management; sexual abuse and sexual assault recovery; depression and anxiety; and problem-solving and decision making; college student development; men's issues; and relationship intimacy issues.

Senior Staff Therapists

Mona Bapat, Ph.D., HSPP

Staff Therapist

Arizona State University; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integration of Interpersonal, Humanistic, Psychodynamic and multicultural approaches.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Mood and anxiety issues; interpersonal relationships; intimate partner violence; sexual assault; women's issues; diversity issues (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, spirituality); phase of life concerns; self-care and stress management; grief and loss; and substance use issues.
  • Can offer therapy in Marati or English
Julie Beckwith, Psy.D.

Staff Therapist

Chicago School of Professional Psychology; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Psychodynamic (Self-Psychology), Interpersonal, Mindfulness, Relational Cultural
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Eating disorders/ disordered eating, body image (Health At Every Size), interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, personality, gender/ sexuality, multicultural/ diversity concerns, trauma, psychological testing and assessment, and college student development.
Romana Bresin, Ph.D.

Staff Therapist

University of Missouri-Kansas City; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation:Integrative, including: Interpersonal process; Person Centered; Family Systems; and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Clinical Interest Areas:Family of origin concerns; eating disorders and body image; couples therapy; group therapy; sexual orientation and transgender concerns; and other multicultural concerns such as gender, race, and ethnicity
Chris Durbin, L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W.

Staff Therapist

University of California, Berkeley; Social Work

  • Clinical Orientation: Psychodynamic (Self Psychology, Object Relations); Cognitive-Behavioral; Interpersonal.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Depression and anxiety; relationship issues, adjustment to life transitions, grief and loss issues; health and wellness; mindfulness; spirituality; codependency and ACOA issues.
G. Sue Eiler, L.C.S.W.

Staff Therapist

University of Pennsylvania; Social Work

  • Clinical Orientation: To believe that people have potential to better understand themselves and as a result make better choices for their lives.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder; womens issues; eating issues; couples therapy; anxiety issues.
Angela M. Garrison, Ph.D., HSPP

Staff Therapist

Western Michigan University; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative (Interpersonal-Process; Humanistic; CBT/ACT).
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Depression and anxiety; eating disorder and body image concerns; trauma; psychological testing; career counseling; identity development; family of origin issues; relational concerns; multicultural practice; clinical supervision and training.
Yueh-Ching Hsu, Ph.D., HSPP

Staff Therapist

Ball State University; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Interpersonal psychotherapy incorporating socio-cultural context with family oriented system focus; with experiential and cognitive behavioral approaches.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Cross-cultural adjustment and transition; issues of International and Asian/Asian American students; college student development; relational concerns; family of origin concerns; disordered eating concerns/body image; grief and loss issues; mindful awareness; depression and anxiety; group therapy.
  • Can offer therapy in Mandarin Chinese or English
Julie Keys, Psy.D.

Staff Therapist

University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative psychotherapy incorporating Interpersonal and psychodynamic theory, Existentialism, Trauma-Informed Care, Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Trauma, sexual assault, suicidality, crisis management, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, family of origin issues, cultural and/or diversity concerns, spirituality, self-care, stress management
Jessi Manning, Ph.D., HSPP

Psychological Testing Coordinator

Western Michigan University; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative with strong emphasis on interpersonal process and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Sexuality, including sexual orientation and sexual dysfunction; gender identity and transgender issues; other multicultural issues (e.g., race, ethnicity, religion); formal psychological assessment and testing for attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities; family of origin concerns; first-generation and non-traditional college students
Jerome "Jerry" L. Mattern, L.C.S.W.

Staff Therapist

Indiana University, Indianapolis; Social Work

  • Clinical Orientation: Cognitive behavioral therapy; strengths perspective; systems theory; interpersonal communication skill building.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Crisis management, adjustment to changes in employment and related circumstances, career counseling, identification of community and internet resources, communication skills training, anxiety and mood disorder interventions, panic disorder and recovery from trauma, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other school related difficulties. Therapy that is sensitive to spiritual issues will be provided upon request.
Margot Schuerman, Psy.D., HSPP

AOD Coordinator

Pacific University School of Professional Psychology; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integration of interpersonal, humanistic, gestalt, mindfulness, and multicultural approaches
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Substance use/addiction issues; trauma/PTSD; mood and anxiety disorders; nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), multicultural and diversity issues (race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status); acculturation, international students, and third culture; distress tolerance and emotion regulation; grief and loss; mindfulness and spirituality; group therapy; and outreach and prevention.
  • Can offer therapy in Dutch, Thai, or English
Gregory R. Waitkoff, Psy.D., HSPP

Staff Therapist

Illinois School of Professional Psychology (Argosy University); Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative with application- Interpersonal; Psychodynamic; Existential; Cognitive Behavioral
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Change of life transitions and adjustment, mood-related disorders (depression, anxiety, anger, etc.), interpersonal and personality/characterological patterns, multicultural and diversity strengths, family of origin issues, stress identification and reduction, training and supervision
Jennifer O. Walsh, M.A., LMHC

Staff Therapist

Ball State University, Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Psychodynamic; Interpersonal; Cognitive Behavioral; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Group therapy; couples therapy; outreach and prevention services; clinical training; depression and anxiety issues, particularly social anxiety; family of origin issues; adjustment issues; identity development including LGBTQ concerns
Rebecca L. Wong, Ph.D., HSPP

Clinical Services Coordinator

University of Washington-Seattle; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative (psychodynamic/object-relations, systems theory, cognitive-behavioral).
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Mood and anxiety problems; adjustment to life transitions; self-esteem; body image; eating disorders; adult development; relationships; multicultural issues (including gender and sexual orientation); personality disorders; supervision and training.

Psychiatric Staff

John R. Thompson, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist

Indiana University School of Medicine; Psychiatry Residency and Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Fellowship: Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

  • Clinical Orientation: Psychodynamic; Cognitive-Behavioral.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Psychopharmacology; anxiety disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder; mood disorders; psychotic disorders; substance abuse; consultation; and ADHD.

Julianna Troy, M.D., M.P.H.

Staff Psychiatrist

Tulane University School of Medicine; Psychiatry Residency: University of California, San Francisco

  • Clinical Orientation: Psychodynamic; Cognitive-Behavioral; Interpersonal; Existential
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Psychopharmacology; anxiety disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder; mood disorders; psychotic disorders; substance abuse; and ADHD

Erin E. Perry, RN, BSN

Staff RN

Indiana University School of Nursing

  • Clinical Orientation: Childhood development
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Pediatrics, Pulmonary Pediatrics, family centered care, advocacy, diverse populations, patient health and wellness education, and family relationships

Psychology Resident

Nicole Thalheimer, Psy.D.

Psychology Resident

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Intergrative (Narrative-Existential, Feminist, Multicultural, Relational)
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Trans* Issues, Multicultural Issues, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Development, Intersectionality, Veteran and Military Connected Students, International Students, Couples Therapy, Relationship Issues, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Pre-Doctoral Interns in Professional Psychology

Elizabeth Aram, M.A., Psy.D. Candidate

Psychology Intern

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Relational psychodynamic; interpersonal-process; emotion-focused.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Identity development in college student populations; LGBTQ+/gender identity; couple’s therapy; sexuality, trauma; eating disorders; women’s issues; mood and anxiety; family of origin issues; personality disorders, multicultural counseling; and chronic medical conditions.
Feihan Li, M.Ed., Ph.D. Candidate

Psychology Intern

University of Missouri - Columbia; Counseling Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Cognitive-behavioral; humanistic; multicultural; and feminist.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: College student development; career development; international students’ cross-cultural adjustment; alcohol and other substance issues; identity development; family of origin issues; mood problems; and psychological testing.
Jessica Williams, Psy.M., Psy.D. Candidate

Psychology Intern

Wright State University School of Professional Psychology; Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Orientation: Integrative; feminist/multicultural; interpersonal; compassion-focused; and mindfulness-based interventions.
  • Clinical Interest Areas: Cultural/diversity issues; LGBTQ+ issues; women’s issues; disability affirming approaches; first-generation and non-traditional college students; trauma; and anxiety.

Support Staff

CAPS is very fortunate to have the following professionals represent our front office when you call CAPS or visit one of our main locations:

Tricia Emery

Karen Itin

Debra Paugh

Christy Schock