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February 27, 2013 – WSJ.com
Yahoo Ban on Working From Home is Misguided
(Ellen Ernst Kossek)

February 27, 2013 – CNN.com
Allow Yahoo workers to work at home
(Ellen Ernst Kossek)

March 1, 2013 – The Baltimore Sun
Yahoo's ban on working from home prompts criticism
(Lorraine Mirabella)

Scholarly Conference Papers and Presentations
(Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek)

• American Psychological Association

  • 2009, August. Achieving Balance: Integrating the demands of professional life and personal life.International National Meetings. Toronto, Canada.
  • 2012, Feminist Psychology Keynote, San Antonio Texas

• National Academy of Management

  • Invited Presenter, 2012, Organizational Behavior Doctoral Program
  • Invited Mentor, 2012, Gender and Diversity Doctoral Consortium
  • Symposium Chair and Presenter Work-Family Resources in Organizations: New Theory and Perspectives, Co author on Paper on Work Schedulers in Organizations, and a multi-level paper theory paper on Work –family policies
  • Presenter paper on Leadership and work-family micro-climates in symposium, 2012
  • Discussant Work, Family and Health Symposium, 2012
  • Invited Facilitator, 2011, Organizational Behavior Doctoral Consortium
  • Invited Speaker, 2011, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Doctoral Consortium
  • Invited Facilitator, 2011, Current and Future Inclusion Efforts in the Academy of Management
  • Author and Presenter, 2011, Work-life effectiveness efforts by the line, Linkages to group job context and individual effectiveness
  • Author and Presenter, 2011, Diversity in work-family role alignment styles, theoretical and empirical perspectives
  • Flexible on Flexibility: Managerial and organizational support of work-life flexibility as pockets of change, 2010. Presenter in Symposium on Qualitative Methods in Work Family Research
  • Sage Scholarship Award Winner Panel, Presenter on panel of previous Sage award winners on career experiences, 2010, presenter
  • Managing Flexstyles: Exploring Linkages between personal preferences for self-regulation of work-life flexibility and work-family outcomes, 2010 Presenter in symposium on the Individual Experience of Flexibility
  • Organizational Change for the Working Poor, In Positive Organizational Scholarship Symposium, 2010, co author. (K. Golden Biddle and J. Dutton, Organizers)
  • Paradoxes of Implementing Work-life flexibility policies: Emerging research theory and practice, 2009. Chair and Paper author and presenter: Implementing different types of work-life flexibility in unionized contexts: Individual, organizational, and multi-level perspectives. Paper author. 2008. Multi-level and stakeholder perspectives on work-life well-being.
  • Kossek, E. 2009. Managing flexstyles and work-life relationships: A teaching development workshop.
  • Kossek, E, 2009. Career construction: A new look, paper author.
  • Kossek, E. 2009. Careers in the rough research development workshop
  • Kossek, E. 2009. Gender and Diversity in Organizations Doctoral consortium faculty presenter.
  • Kossek E. 2009. Organizational behavior and the working poor Leadership and work group context linkages to work, family and health in low income settings.
  • Kossek, E. 2008. Symposium presenter. The questions we don’t ask: Work-family issues among low-income families.
  • Kossek, E. 2008. Gender and Diversity in Organizations Doctoral Consortium.
  • Kossek, E., 2007, Managing work and life over your academic career, Gender and Diversity in Organizations, Doctoral Consortium
  • Kossek, E., Berg, P., Misra, K. 2007. Implementing Flexibility in Unionized Environments: Adding a Collective Voice Perspective to Work-Life Research.In E. Kossek and P. Berg.Chairs. National Academy of Management Symposium, Implementing Flexibility across contexts: Research Gaps and Future Directions. Philadelphia, PA
  • Kossek, E. &Misra, K. 2007. Managing motivation: Implications for work-life research, New directions in motivation symposium (Kanfer and Chen Chair)
  • Kossek, E. Hammer, L. & Petty, R., 2007. Supervisor support of work and family, in Work Family and Health All- Academy, Symposium (Kossek, Chair)
  • Kossek, E. 2006, National Academy of Management Teaching about Managing Work-Family-Life Integration as a leadership competency. Professional Development workshop sponsored by HR Division, GDO and Careers.
  • Kossek, E. ,2006. Crafting Lives That Work: What Happens to Professionals Careers When They Choose to Work Less, Exploring Linkages Between SHRM, Work-Life Strategy, and New Ways of Working for Professionals In The Opt Out Revolution.
  • Kossek, E. Chair. 2005. A New Vision of Work and Family: Management Practices Embracing a Dual Agenda.;Lautsch, B. and Kossek, E. 2005. Supervising Telecommuting and the Work-Family Dual Agenda.Lee, M., Karakas, F., & Kossek, E. 2005.Mapping of Career and Family Life Processes.
  • Kossek, E., Meece, D., Barratt, M., Prince, B. 2005. Managing Acculturative Stress and Work-Family Resources: Insights from U.S. Latino Mid-Western Migrant Workers. In Symposium, The Impact of Globalization on the Work-Family Interface of Vulnerable Groups. (S. Poelmans, Chair.)
  • Kossek, E., Pichler, S., Barratt, M., Meece, D. 2005. Work-family Conflict in Low-Income Systems: The Critical Role of Parent-Provider Relationships. In Managing Work-Family Balance in the 21st Century: Do Informal Work Practices Help or Hinder Employees Managing Work-Family Balance. (K. Sutton and L. Dunn- Jensen, Co-Chairs)
  • Kossek, E. 2004. Showcase Symposium. Putting work in its place: New perspectives on the working time of professionals. Chair, Co-Author and Facilitator.Nominated as Finalist for Best Careers Division Symposium award. Showcase symposium.
  • Kossek E., Lautsch, B. & Eaton, S. 2004, Symposium presenter. Boundaries between work and home: An integrated look at basic research and applied knowledge.
  • Van Dyne, L., Kossek, E. &Lobel, S. 2004 Co-author. Being there: Face time, flexible work arrangements, and helping in work groups
  • Eaton, S. C., Lautsch, B. , Kossek, E. 2003. Portable work: Organizational support makes all the difference in whether it works. In Showcase symposium: The effects of formal and informal family-friendly organizational supports.
  • Kossek, E. 2002. Managing work-life integration as a new faculty member.HR Doctoral Consortium.
  • Kossek, E. 2002. Chair, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Annual Business Meeting.
  • Kossek, E. 2002. Panel Presenter to Management Education Division Preconference: Publishing Texts in Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
  • Kossek, E. 2002. The role of perceived implementation attributes of work-life policies in individual decision-making on job acceptance and turnover. Paper presented in Symposium: The work-life interface: firm implementation, individual preferences, and behavior
  • Kossek, E. 2002. Discussant, Invisible diversities in the workplace: Exploring and integrating hidden identities Symposium
  • Kossek, E. 2002. Bargaining with the baby, Paper presented in Work and home as competing and complementary domains. Showcase symposium.
  • Kossek, E., Huber, M., Lerner, J. 2001. Competing perspectives on antecedents of well being of welfare to work mothers with young children: Computer use as an indicator of job quality. Paper presented in Gender, Information Technology & Organizations Symposium
  • Kossek, E., Palthe, J. 2000. Work and employment modes of human resource architectures: linkages to organization subcultures. Symposium chair and Paper presenter.
  • Kossek, E. 2000. Discussant for OB and HR Symposium on Work and Family in a New Age
  • Kossek, E. 2000. Paper Presenter on Symposium on Integrating Organizational Behavior and HR Perspectives on Work and Family: HR & OB Divisions
  • Kossek, E. 2000. Innovative Teaching. HR Junior Faculty Consortium
  • Kossek, E. 2000. Effective Research Collaborations, HR Doctoral Consortium
  • Kossek, E. 1999. Discussant, HR Symposium on Job Design and Workplace Accommodation
  • Kossek, E. 1998. Managing Careers. HR Junior Faculty Consortium
  • Kossek, E., Colquitt, J., Noe, E. 1998. Symposium Chair and Paper Presenter: New directions in work-family research: the importance of caregiving place
  • Kossek, E., Markel, K. McHugh, P. 1998. Symposium Chair and Paper Presenter: Opening the black box of organizational demography: Current advances in diversity research. Kossek, E. & Yakura, E. 1998. Symposium Paper Presenter: Searching for fit in strategic HRM
  • Kossek, E. 1997. Managing Careers. HR Junior Faculty Consortium
  • Kossek, E. 1997.Teaching the Hard Topics. OB Junior Faculty Consortium
  • Kossek, E. 1997. Discussant, Symposium: The transformation of work: Implications for women’s careers
  • Kossek, E., Noe, R., & DeMarr, B. 1997. Self-management of work and family roles: individual and organizational determinants of role synthesis
  • Kossek, E., Lerner, M., Huber-Yoder, D. Castellino, 1996. Symposium Chair and Paper Presenter: The working poor: Locked out of careers and the organizational mainstream? Paper: A Longitudinal study of the implications of labor market activity for the psychological and economic well-being of mothers and children living in poverty.
  • Kossek, E. & Yakura, E. 1996. Symposium Chairs. Punctuated equilibria and work/life jolts in the scholarly worlds
  • Kossek, E. 1996. Chair. Work, family, and career issues: National and international findings
  • Kossek, E., Roberts, K. , Fisher, S. DeMarr, B. 1995. Symposium Chair and Paper Presenter: Careers in Context: Fostering Psychological Success in Transforming Organizations, Paper: Personal and Contextual Influences on Career Outcomes
  • Kossek, E & Lobel, S. 1995. Symposium Chair and Paper Presenter: Managing diversity within diversity: Human resource strategies for acknowledging differences within employee groups; paper: Human resource strategies to support diversity in work and personal lifestyles: beyond the family friendly organization
  • Kossek E. & Nichol, V. 1995. Work/family issues and work outcomes (affect and performance) in high encounter service jobs: Future research and human resource policy implications; paper: Understanding the immediate climate for work/family integration: Assessing Congruence in Supervisor and Subordinate Perceptions
  • Kossek E. 1994. Work/Family Research, HR Doctoral Consortium
  • Kossek, E., Barber, A., Winters, D. 1993. An assessment of individual, work group and organizational influences on the acceptance of flexible work schedules, (Selected by HR Division for Best Paper Proceedings.)
  • Kossek, E. 1993. Discussant, Organizational Commitment session of Org. Behavior Division
  • Kossek, E. & Zonia, S. 1992. The effects of race and ethnicity on perceptions of human resource policies and climate regarding diversity
  • Kossek, E., Moore, E., & Cutcher-Gershenfeld, J. 1992. Symposium Chair & Presenter: Computers as a strategic lever for transforming human resource management/ industrial relations graduate education
  • Kossek, E., & Zonia, S. 1992. Preconference on Diversity: Presenter, Dilemmas of conducting research on diversity
  • Kossek, E. & Dass, P. 1991. Management ideologies and employer-sponsored child care programs in organizations
  • Kossek, E., Gash, D., Nichol, V. 1991.The value of human resource information systems: Rhetoric versus reality
  • Kossek, E. 1989. The effect of hierarchical level on acceptance of HR innovation
  • Kossek, E. & Gash, D. 1989. Waiting for innovation: Godot implements a computer system
  • Kossek, E. 1989. Chairperson, Attitudes, implementation, and development of technology, Org. Behavior Division

• National Meetings of Society For Industrial & Organizational Psychology

  • Presenter and Author, 2011, Implications of Work-Life Flexibility for Managers: Practices, Pitfalls, and Prospects
  • Presenter and Author, 2011, Work-Family Research is Atheoretical?: Not Anymore: Advances in Boundary Theory
  • Presenter, 2011, Work-Family Research, The Crossroads
  • Co-author, 2011, One Brick at a Time, Cultural Context Effects at Work
  • Co author.2010. Work-family social support and Work-family conflict: A meta-analysis
  • Discussant. 2009. Discussant. Predictors and moderators of stress effects: Insights from applied findings.
  • Kossek et. al. Author and presenter. 2009. Implementing a reduced workload arrangement to retain professional employees: Learning from a case study.
  • Kossek et al. Author and presenter, 2009. An embedded leadership and work group context perspective on work- family
  • Hammer, Kossek et al, 2009. Spousal crossover of job demands and control on health.
  • Kossek, E., Hammer, L., Michel, J., Yragui, N. 2008. Multilevel Modeling in Work-Family Research: An Exploration of Cross-Level Relationships In Symposium : Implementing Strong Research Designs in the Work-Family Interface (Tom Britt, Chair)
  • Hammer, L., Kossek, E., Yragui, N. Kristi Zimmerman, Rachel Daniels 2008 *Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors and Cardiovascular Disease in Symposium Work-Family Affective Experiences that Reduce Conflict and Improve Health (Whitney Bostford, Chair)
  • Kossek, E., Pichler, S., Hammer, L. ,Bodner, T. 2007. Contextualizing Workplace Supports for Family: An Integrative Meta- Analysis of Direct and Moderating Linkages to Work-Family Conflict Paper presented at National Meetings of the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, April 2007 New York City as part of the Symposium Social Support, Leadership and Work-Family Outcomes.(Jeanette Cleveland, Michelle Harrison, & April Jones, Co-Chairs.
  • Hoffman, M., Kossek, E., Ruderman, M, Fleenor, J. 2007. Congruence and Dissonance in National and Organization Cultures Linkages to Career Derailment Experiences of Transnational and Local National Leaders
  • Panelist. Marginalized Workers Symposium.New York, 2007. Bernardo Feldman, Chair.
  • Discussant. Child Outcomes related to work and family symposium.
  • Facilitator, work and family network
  • Identifying Family Supportive Supervisory Behaviors for Work and Family Low Income Workers’ Work and Family Needs. Symposium on Diversity in Work and Family, 2006
  • Discussant, two symposiums on work and family. 2005
  • Kossek, E. ,Lautsch, B., Eaton, S. 2004. Boundary management strategy Paper Presenter and Chair of Symposium Individual Differences and Work-Family
  • Kossek, E., Lautsch, B. Eaton, S., K. Vandenbosch, 2004. Telework and work- family conflict. Quasi-experimental design
  • Kossek, E. 2004. Discussant. Work and Family: New research directions
  • Kossek. E., Markel, K., McHugh, P. 2002. Trickling organizational demographic change in sex and race composition: Shaping ambiguous group social climates for diversity. paper part of symposium: defining, measuring, and creating a positive climate for diversity
  • Kossek, E. & Markel, K. 2001. Resource-based and psychological views of organizational support of work-life integration: Competing perspectives and a typology. & Co-Chair & Discussant; New directions in work-family research symposium
  • Kossek, E. 1999. Invited Symposium presenter on work-family theory panel. Theory or lack thereof in work-family research
  • Kossek, E. 1999. Discussant, Work family empirical research symposium
  • Kossek, E. 1998. Discussant, Symposium on New directions in work/family research
  • Kossek, E. 1998. Paper presenter in Symposium on Advances in research on alternative work arrangements.
  • Ilgen, D., Wasson D., Knot, J. Kossek, E. 1998. Organizational justice, and financial incentives to manage health benefits
  • Kossek, E., Noe, R., & DeMarr, B. 1997. Personality: An antecedent of work-family role synthesis strategy choices
  • Kossek, E. 1995. Human resource strategies for managing diversity, Symposium Chair and Discussant
  • Kossek, E., Roberts, K., Fisher, S., Muldar J. 1994. Training and development: A lever for resocialization in changing organizations
  • Kossek, E., & Ely, R. 1988. Combining quantitative and qualitative methodology in research, with R. Ely, /O Psychology Doctoral Consortium.

• Sloan Foundation Refereed Conferences on Work And Family
   (San Francisco, Boston)

  • Berg, P., Kossek, E., Baird, M. Building a Better Workplace: The Use and Impact of Union-Negotiated Work-Family Flexibility Policies in U.S. and Australian Universities MIT, Boston May, 2008.
  • Lee, M., MacDermid, S., Dohring, P. & Kossek E. 2002. Presenter. Convergence and divergence in identity transformation among new parents in alternative work arrangements.
  • Kossek, E. E., Huber, M., & Lerner, J. 2002 Presenter. Sustaining economic and psychological well-being of mothers on public assistance: individual deficit and social structural accounts

• Other Conference Presentations

  • Ruderman, M.N, Kossek, E.E., Hannum, K.M., & Braddy, P.W. (2011). Managing Work Styles: Exploring Linkages Between Personal Preferences for Work-Life Flexibility and Work-Family Outcomes. Presentation at European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology. Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Author, co-worker social support and Work-family stress. NIOSH National conference on occupational safety and health, May, 2011.
  • Presenter and author, Cross-level relationships in manager and organizational support of customized work, International conference on community, work & family, Tampere, Finland, May 2011.
  • Berg and Kossek. Managing Flexibility in Unionized Environments.Industrial Relations Research Association, 2008, 2012.
  • Hammer, L. Kossek, E., Anger, W., & Zimmerman, K. Evaluation of a Supervisor Support Training Intervention to Affect Worker Health/. Paper presented at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 2007 Work Life Symposium, Bethesda, MD, September 2007.
  • Eaton, S., Kossek, E. Lautsch, B. 2003, March. Managing from a distance.Eastern American Sociological Society Meetings, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Kossek, E. & Van Dyne, L. 2003, March. Face time matters, College and University Work and Family Association, Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania.
  • Lobel, S. & Kossek, E. 2003, June. Managing human resources to value workplace diversity. Presentation to the Eastern Academy of Management International Meetings, Porto Portugal.
  • Meece, D., Barratt, M., Kossek, E., & Hawkins, D. 2003, April. Family, work, and infant care in limited income Latino migrant farm-working and Anglo non-migrant families. Presented at the Biannual meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Tampa.
  • Meece, D., Kossek, E. E., Barratt, M., Hawkins, D. K., Cragun, J. 2002, April, The complexity of infant care arrangements among low-income non-migrant families and migrant farm working families. National Conference on Human Development, Charlotte, NC.
  • Hammer, L., Kossek, E., Anger, K. Sept. 2007, Bethesda, Maryland Worklife 2007 National Symposium: Protecting and Promoting Worker Health/ Evaluation of a Work-Life Supervisor Support Training Intervention to Affect Worker Health

Scholarly Conference Papers and Presentations
(Rebecca Thompson)

• Conference Presentations

  • Thompson, R. J., & Payne, S. C. (2013, April). Perceptions of FWAs: Attraction to flextime, flexplace, or both? In R. J. Thompson & S. C. Payne (Co-chairs), Implementing flexible work arrangements: The hidden challenges. Symposium submitted to the 28th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, TX.
  • McLendon, C. S., Bergman, M. E., & Thompson, R. J. (2013, April). Sexual harassment, incivility, and academia. Paper submitted to the 28th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, TX.
  • Naber, A. M, Thompson, R. J., & Lipphardt, S. (2013, April). Promoting professional efficacy and reducing turnover intentions through internships characteristics. Paper submitted to the 28th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, TX.
  • Diaz, I., Miner, K. N., Bergman, M. E., Thompson, R. J., & Pesonen, A. D. (2012, August). Supervisor Incivility and Subordinate Outcomes: The Roles of Negative and Positive Affect. Paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA.
  • Thompson, R.J. & Payne, S. C. (2012, June). Attraction to Flexible Work Arrangements: The Role of Work-Life Boundaries. Paper presented at the 1st annual meeting for the Work Family Research Network, New York, NY.
  • Thompson, R.J., & Bergman, M. E., & Barrett, C. L. (2012, April). Mentoring and Stressors in Women Federal Law Enforcement Officers. In C. Barrett & M. Bergman (Co-chairs), Well-Being in High-Risk Occupations. Symposium presented at the 27th annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA.
  • Barrett, C. L., Bergman, M. E. & Thompson, R.J., (2012, April). Women in Law Enforcement: The Role of Gendered Personality Orientation. In C. Barrett & M. Bergman (Co-chairs), Well-Being in High-Risk Occupations. Symposium presented at the 27th annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA.
  • Thundiyil, T., Boswell, W. R., Thompson, R. J., & Payne, S. C. (2012, April). Antecedents of anticipatory justice in an environment of change. Paper presented at the 27th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA.
  • Payne, S. C., Thompson, R. J., & Pesonen, A. D. (2011, April). Mentoring in Academia: Who needs it? Paper presented at the 26th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.
  • Thompson, R. J., Cook, A. L ., Payne, S. C., & Henning, J. B. Telework. (2011, April). Does “why?” matter: Uncovering reasons for telework and their effects. In V. Morganson& B. A. Heinen (Co-chairs), Telework and organizational outcomes: The impact of various stakeholders. Symposium presented at the 26th annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.
  • Thompson, R. J., Smittick, A. L., Pesonen, A. D., Payne, S. C., Bergman, M. E., & Miner-Rubino, K. (2011, April). Promoting Success of Women Faculty Through a Psychologically Healthy Workplace. Presentation at the annual Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Thompson, R. J., Payne, S.C., Horner, M. T., & Morey, L. C. (2010, August). Borderline personality disorder and job performance. Paper presented at the 118th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, San Diego, CA.
  • Berry, C. M., Kim, A., Wang, Y., & Thompson, R.J. (2010, August). Employment-oriented personality measures and sex-based differential prediction of performance. Paper presented at the 2010 annual conference of the Academy of Management, Montreal, Canada.
  • Horner, M. T., Cook, A. L., Rodriguez, J. M., & Thompson, R. J. (2010, April). Situational constraints and organizational outcomes: A meta-analysis. Paper presented at the 25th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Atlanta, GA.
  • Horner, M. T., Cook, A. L., Rodriguez, J. M., & Thompson, R. J. (2010, March). Situational constraints and employee well-being outcomes: A meta-analysis. Paper presented at the 31st annual meeting of the Industrial Organizational and Organizational Behavior Conference, Houston, TX.
  • Horner, M. T., Payne, S. C., & Thompson, R. J. (2009, April). Toward an understanding of why situational constraints negatively influence performance. Paper presented at the 24th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.