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Cash Handling

The collection and control of cash and cash items at Purdue University are important functions. Departments are authorized to collect money on behalf of the University through appropriate rate approval documents, contracts, or missions of the department.

Activities resulting in income generation or receipt of funds by Purdue University will be managed in a method, which maximizes the University's cash position while at the same time meets federal, state, or other regulations. Proper management of cash is the responsibility of each staff member. Management of cash includes the processing of cash, checks, credit cards, letter of credit, and electronic payments.

The Cash Handling Manual was developed by a campus-wide focus group to address cash handling procedures. The University Receivables and Collections Office (URCO) is responsible for maintaining and updating the Cash Handling Manual. Additionally, URCO is responsible for reviewing and maintaining all departmental cash handling plans and providing assistance to departments in the development of cash handling procedures. URCO in consultation with Internal Audit will assist departments in analyzing the control environment most effective for their operation.