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How to pay a Perkins, Purdue institutional, and/or Heath Profession Loan?

Purdue's loan service provider is Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI).  Log on to www.ecsi.net and click on the “Student” screen. Enter your school code (“3P”), your account number (your Purdue ID dropping the first zero), and your password. If you do not have the password you need to log on to ECSI, you may click on the “need help logging in” box and request a password. Once you have filled in the request personal idetification, a pop-up box will appear with your password.

Once you have received a password, you may return to the www.ecsi.net login screen and sign in with your school code ("3P"), account number (your Purdue ID omitting the first zero), and password. You will be directed to your home page. Follow instructions to make payment on-line.

If you are unable to receive a password, please contact ECSI directly at 888-549-3274. You may also contact ECSI to set up payment arrangements.