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Trip Cancellation or Changes

Trips may be cancelled when an emergency occurs (illness or death of the traveler or immediate family member) or a supervisor may request that the traveler cancel the business trip. When this happens, the Business Office must be contacted as soon as possible. All other reasons for canceling or changing the trip must be approved in writing by the individual who approved the original Form 17.

The unused airfare ticket must be attached to the Form 25 and sent to the Business Office if there is a reimbursement and it cannot be exchanged for a future trip. If the ticket can be exchanged for a future 'business only' trip, the ticket should be held in the Business Office until the traveler requests it for reissuing purposes.

When a "non-refundable" ticket is purchased, then the trip is cancelled, the flight is missed by the traveler, or the ticket is unused for any other reason, the unused ticket may be exchanged for another business trip taken within one year from the original ticket. Generally the exchange fee is $150 which is reimbursable with proper documentation.

If the airline ticket has been purchased using the University purchasing card, the employee will be required to reimburse the University if the trip has been canceled for a reason other than described above.

Visit Airline Policies on Paper and NonRefundable Tickets for more detailed information about each airline.