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Definitions: Terms, Forms and Departments

Cooperative Extension Service (CES)

The Cooperative Extension Service consists of extension educators from 92 counties who travel throughout the State for the benefit of agriculture, youth, families and communities. The Business Manager for CES is located in the Agriculture Administration Building. The Form 21, CES Mileage Reimbursement Form is used to reimburse Extension officials for monthly mileage on their personal vehicles. Completed forms should be mailed to Travel Clerk , Freehafer Hall, 401 S. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2024.

Blanket Travel

Approved job related frequent travel to contiguous counties in states surrounding Indiana (generally CES and Statewide Technology). Also approved job required frequent travel (12 or more times a year) to a specific out-of-state location for the same business reason.

Business Travel for Purdue University

Business travel is defined as duties that require the traveler (Purdue employee) to be away from their regular place of business or post of duty (official station), regardless of where the family home is located. The regular place of business or post of duty (official station) includes the entire city or general area in which the official station is located. Travel between official station and family home is not a reimbursable expense.

Procurement Services (Disbursements Desk)

Disbursements Desk was created several years ago by combining all the functions that disbursed funds for the University. The department currently consists of Accounts Payable, Payroll, Taxes and Travel. All the checks written to pay staff, students and vendors are processed through Disbursements Desk in some manner.

Domestic Travel

Domestic travel is that travel performed within the travelers' own country. Domestic travel includes travel within and between any of the 50 States of the United States and its possessions and territories. If the traveler's official station is in another country, domestic travel would be travel performed within the traveler's country.

Note: Some sponsored program funds may identify travel to and within Canada or Mexico as domestic travel.

Expenditures Authorization Clerk

Reviews and approves all direct payments, membership payments, dues and travel expenses for non Purdue staff and students. This position may be contacted in Accounting Services / FREH, phone 49-47142.

Foreign Travel

Foreign travel is defined as any travel outside of the 50 United States and its territories and possessions. This includes Canada and Mexico.

Form 1 - Transportation Request Form

The Form 1 (Excel File) is the document that communicates to Transportation Service when and for how long a vehicle is needed and the account information for billing purposes. The document is normally completed by the individual traveling and approved by the business office.

Form 17 - Request for Authority to Travel

The Form 17 is the document used by an individual to request permission to travel on university business. It can be obtained from your business office. When permission has been obtained by appropriate approval of the request, the individual is authorized to complete travel arrangements and make any approved financial commitments on behalf of the university necessary to complete the university business. The Form 17 is usually completed by the individual traveling; the department head and business office reviews and/or approves the request and routes it through the proper channels. ( Form 17)

Form 17C - Request for Approval for Reimbursement of Expenses for Prospective Employee Interview Trips

The Form 17C is the document used by a department to reimburse an individual who has incurred expenses while interviewing for a position with the department. It can be obtained from your business office. Approval of the request gives the department the authority to incur expenses related to bringing an individual to campus for a job interview. This document can also be used to reimburse a prospective graduate student if no approval memo exists.

Form 25 - Travel Reimbursement Request

The Form 25 is the document an individual uses to obtain reimbursement for expenses incurred while traveling on university business. It can be obtained from your business office. When completing the Form 25, the individual should reference the expenses that were approved on the Form 17. Unproved expenses for which the traveler is requesting reimbursement should be noted and explained. The individual requesting the reimbursement usually completes the request; the business office and department head approves the document and forwards it through proper channels.

Form 33 - Request for Approval of Absence from Campus Duty

Absence from campus duty for an approved outside activity which exceeds 5 consecutive work days and absence from campus duty in excess of 10 consecutive work days for any other reason except vacation requires approval of the President of the University or his designee. This approval is granted on a Form 33. See your business office or the Business Procedures Manual for more information.

Form 56 - Direct Invoice Voucher (DIV)

The Form 56 (Direct Invoice Voucher) is the document that a department would process to request a payment be made to a vendor or individual for a product or service. The Invoice Voucher is typically prepared by the business office upon request and presentation of proper documentation by the staff member. This is the document used to prepay registration fees.

Form 1000 (PRF) - Request for Advancement of Travel Funds

The PRF Form 1000 is the document that is submitted to the Purdue Research Foundation to request an advance of funds for an individual. The form must be accompanied by an approved Form 17 and the travelers personal postdated check made payable to Purdue Research Foundation for the requested amount. See Advances for complete regulations.

In-State Travel

Travel within the State of Indiana.

Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)

Purdue Research Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that may accept gifts, administer trusts, acquire property, submit and negotiate research contracts, facilitate the issuance of patents on University faculty developments, acquire and develop property, and perform other services helpful to Purdue University. Its objectives are exclusively to aid the University. PRF specifically helps our travelers by issuing cash Advances. Their office is located in Hovde Hall.


The Procurement Services is responsible for the facilitation and coordination of most university purchases. The Purchasing office is located in Freehafer Hall.

Risk Management

Risk Management manages the principal insurance programs of the University (i.e., auto liability, physical damage, etc.). Questions concerning coverage, claims and procedures should be directed to the Risk Management Office. They are located in Freehafer Hall.

Form RM01 - Risk Management

The Form RM01 is the document on which a department head requests approval for a non university staff person to drive a university vehicle. It can be obtained from your business office. Non university staff such as students, spouses or other volunteers, must be granted permission to operate a university vehicle. The office of Risk Management receives and approves or denies these requests. The individual requesting the approval should complete the form and obtain department head approval at least three (3) days prior to the planned travel. The business office can assist with processing the document. NOTE: These forms cannot be faxed.

Sponsored Program Services (SPS)

Sponsored Program Services is responsible for establishing and maintaining proper administrative and fiscal procedures and relationships to serve the needs of the University administration, the faculty, the sponsor, and the Purdue Research Foundation in the areas of contracts, grants, and agreements for the support of sponsored programs.

Transportation Service

Transportation Service serves the ground transportation needs of faculty and staff on approved University activities throughout the United States and Canada. Their operations include: car and van rental for daily & long term trips, Indianapolis airport shuttle service, bus service (charter and local) and they also have a service department for minor repairs. 49-42114.

Travel Clerk - Disbursements - AP & Travel

The travel clerks audit all travel reimbursement requests for accuracy and compliance to state, federal and university travel policy. They also serve a resource for pre-trip planning with regard to allowable expenses and can provide federal per diem rates and foreign exchange rates. The current auditors may be reached at extension 49-49037 or 49-47354; and 49-47370 for County Extension Service mileage claims. This office is part of Procurement Services in Freehafer Hall.